Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hotel California

Our friend Gord of Gord's Home Biz a.k.a. The Open CashBox posted a Blog Appreciation Day today. How cute is that? Go see his new site if you haven't already. It's a work in progress and looks fabulous!

FutureYields: completed my first day there and threw the entire amount back in for another day. It wasn't tons so am trying to build it up a little at this early stage.

AdzPays: are working on some improvements so patience is the word and let's hope they come up with some good plans. A reminder though, you don't need to buy a $20 cycler subscription any longer to be able to play in the Rev Share which is only $5 per spot and paying 2% daily.
* PS, today I withdrew some cash balance to wallet and between the two, had enough to buy a new rev share unit. Now don't forget to surf for .20 cents daily. It all adds up.

PAS: 5 days left to launch. Time to get ready.

The E-currency Exchange Service previously named is now Nice new site and seems very user friendly. Yes, I've already updated their banner on my side bar, noticed some RC funds while I was there, requested a cash out and was paid damn near instantly. Nice job Admins :)

My account at Twentyby30 is Still On Hold! Why?
Because I'm trying to check out but I can never leave.
Here's the notice in case you guys haven't seen it yet:

Red Alert Your account is temporary on hold until 40% requirement is met
Your withdrawals are cancelled and credited back to balance
You can not withdraw untill your positions mature rate are changed accordingly.
If you choose NOT to buy back 40%, your positions mature rate will be changed in a few days.

That notice has been there for 7 cycling nights now.
Wonder how long a "few days" is in his vocabulary?
Sure made me think of the Hotel California. lol


Gord said...

Thank you for the honorable mention Blondie!

Blogs start up everyday and those that become established over the months and years are certainly worth posting about every now and then.

blondie said...

Good Point Gord,
We're the real die hard bloggers, lol

Have a good one and Thanks again for all you do :)