Monday, July 28, 2014

Short on Words Today

I need to talk but don't really feel like talking. You know what I mean? How sometimes you can't shut your mouth and other times, not much to say.

Joined a new program late in the day yesterday which explains why I didn't write about it yet.

It's called SPARBS and is a sports arbitrage service provider. Now they do offer 3 different plans and each has their own time frame with different percentages of earnings. I went for the 30 day plan but would guess most would go for the 15 day. Don't really know and that's just my opinion.
Do note that you do not earn anything until your plan is expired. So if you do choose the 15 day plan (for example), you won't earn a thing until the 15 days are up and you can withdraw. In other words, no daily earnings to withdraw and/or re-spend. You just have to wait it out.
- $10 minimum spend
- Plans run: 15, 30 and 45 days
- Returns are: 120%, 160% and 210%
- Accepts: PM, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin
- Experienced Admin 
Now I suppose if you refer and get RC, you can cash that out along the way. Will be watching for 'paid posts' on that. Anyway, it's all in the FAQ's if any of you are interested.

Sunday Newsletter from PerfectAdSolution follows.
(I really like this one. Bought 2 more rev shares yesterday)

Hi folks, how are you doing today?
Are you enjoying the summer?
Things here are going slowly, but we're still surely moving forward each day.
We've extended the Time Matrix rounds from 3 days to 7 days to allow more members to cycle in each round.
Your Dashboard tells you now how much you've earned today and also how much you've earned in total.
Earlier today, all our members received free 1000 banner credits. Use them to promote your business.

For people who are still learning how the program works, we've prepared a mini-guide.
Basic strategy in 3 steps:
1) Purchase as many Perfect RevShare as you can
Perfect RevShare packages will give you up to 6% a day and earn you a total of 150%.
2) Repurchase more shares
Every time you have $6, you can purchase a new share, it helps to grow your account.
3) Use your Matrix balance in the right moment
Observe the matrices and pick the best moment to purchase a Perfect Matrix package.
To maximize your profits you want to do that very soon after restarts happens in one of them.

Let me show you how it works.

You deposited $100. You have to purchase a $3 Membership(your sponsor gets those $3), which leaves you with $97.
You can now purchase your Perfect RevShare packages. You can purchase 16 shares.
Let's consider 2 scenarios now:
1) You repurchase constantly for 40 days
After your shares expire you'll have $177.6 on a Cash balance and $122.4 on a Matrix balance.
That means that after 80 days you can withdraw almost twice as much as you deposited and you will have over $120 on your Matrix balance which can still turn into an unlimited amount of money.

2) You don't repurchase at all
After your shares expire you'll have $115.2 on a Cash balance on a Cash balance and $28.8 on a Matrix balance

So as you can see repurchasing greatly increases your earning potential.
If you want to try out a different scenario feel free to use our calculator:

Lastly, a quick reminder to our older members:
You don't need to purchase a Perfect Matrix package anymore to be able to start purchasing a Perfect RevShare ones.

AdzPays: managed to cash out a couple of bucks yesterday and was left with enough to buy another rev share.
Been reading in the forum how excited everyone is about their cycling. Well, I haven't cycled anything yet but hope to soon.

Twentyby30: Yep. You guessed it.
Estimated pay date changed again for the 6th time.
2014-07-04   SolidTrustPay   $ 25.00   Pending   2014-07-31

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