Wednesday, July 9, 2014


PerfectAdSolution: Launch postponed until tomorrow.

We're glad to announce that the migration has been completed successfully.
However we still have to postpone our launch by another day.
The reason is that we have to wait for DNS propagation to spread world-wide.
There's pretty much nothing we can do about it.
The new launch date is July 10th, 2PM EDT.
To get the idea what time it is in your timezone please refer to the timer on the website.
If you cannot access the website try those 2 things:
- Flush your DNS (
- Clear your browser's cache and cookies (
If neither of them works, wait a few hours and try again.
More experienced users might try to add a new entry to their hosts file.
Registrations, deposits and purchasing Membership have been re-enabled.
We'll be doing some performance tests on the server so you might see that there are some positions present in the matrices however don't worry about it, as they all will be cleared before launch.

Lastly, we'd like to thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

FutureYields: my 3 day plan expires tomorrow. I'll decide what to do with my earnings at that time :)

AdzPays: should be hearing from them today to announce their re-opening... I hope.
In the meantime, my cash balance got up to $5 again so I withdrew that back to e-wallet and made a new Rev Share purchase.

Hope all you Super Hero's have a great day!


Profit Hub said...

Oh my! Little "O" is 4yo already?!? My goodness! I remember when you announced her birth here on this very blog just a few years ago! Boy does time fly! Well I hope the little angel had a wonderful birthday!

blondie said...

Crazy isn't it Gwen.
Time is going so fast I can hardly keep up.

Yeah she had a good Birthday with the 'family'. Her next party will be with all her little friends this coming weekend.

Spoiled but ... what can you do? lol