Monday, July 7, 2014

PAS Launch Postponed

PerfectAdSolution: too many members trying to purchase all at the same time didn't fly. We crashed the server and Admin will announce a new launch date as soon as he has it stabilized... (he's estimating 48 hours from the original date/time).

Launch update
Published on 2014-07-07
We're very sorry to inform you that our current server is not able to handle the load.
Because of that we have to reschedule the launch until we upgrade to one that can handle it.
We'll update you as soon as we know how long will it take to set the new server up.
Once again, we apologize for the situation.
We hope that you won't lose the confidence in us.
As bad as it looks we've had many new signups today and we've caught attention of some leaders.
In the grand scheme of things, it might be beneficial for all if we have a few more days to attract new members.
You'll hear from us soon.

FutureYields: decided to cash out today and I was paid within minutes. Also threw my principal back in for another 3 day plan. How's that for confidence? lol

OK this is kind of bizaare...
Glanced at my page views here right after writing a Happy Anniversary note to my son Dave and his wife Jessica in Facebook, and it read:
Just so you know Today is their 7th Wedding Anniversary and they were married on 7/7/07 in lucky Las Vegas. Happy Anniversary again Kids!!

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