Sunday, July 13, 2014

Everything Looks Good Today...

except for my poor vacuum cleaner.
Was trying to vacuum and it kept over heating and shutting off. Too hot in here maybe? Or too much hair maybe? Well, between me and the cats, the poor vacuum takes a beating every time, lol

LoyaltyChecks: off to a great start and working perfectly!
Oh, just now received my first payment from them:
Amount: 9.00 $
Comment: Withdraw to blondie from Loyalty Checks Limited
And here's the first newsletter from Loyalty:

Welcome to Loyalty Checks Limited! The first 24 hours of the launch of our business were successful. The results so far are satisfactory and we are looking forward to serving our clients and bringing value to their online investing experience. 

If you have any question please contact us via our support ticket system where our two representatives Carole and Mark will take care of your inquiries. 

On operational level, we would like to ask our members to check if their payment data is correct. You can do that by going to Edit Account in your member area. If it is not correct, then please send us a support ticket or simply enter your payment data in the fields provided. You can enter the data only once.

FutureYields: went back into the 1 day plan again. I'll do that for a few more days probably.

AdzPays: still waiting for an update (sigh).
OK, looks like we'll have something tomorrow to read up on.
Hello Everyone,
Please this is to quickly inform you that we are updating the new changes and will be done Tomorrow, Monday, July 14, 2014.
Thank you.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team

PAS: is doing well and tonight at 8 PM my time the Time Matrix clock will hit Zero. If I'm still online, I do plan to purchase a new matrix position. If you're gonna buy a new one, that is the best time to do it.
Rev Shares on the other hand are paying daily as promised.

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