Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Program Posted

There's a new program banner on my side bar today.
Future Yields opened yesterday (my birthday, must be lucky, lol) so I joined and made my first deposit today.
When you look at it, you will see it's a short-term program so remember to play smart, don't spend too much, don't compound too long, withdraw your profit and continue playing with your principal for as long as you're feeling comfortable with it.
- Minimum deposit is $5 on all plans.
- Pay Processors include EgoPay, Payeer, PM and Bitcoin.
- Run by an experienced Admin.
- RC (for those who promote) is 3%
Slick customized site. I just received a new referral notice (was a personal friend) in email and must admit, I'm impressed.
OK... you know the drill.
Good Luck to us All :)

AdzPays Update: (this team sure seems to be working hard to make this as good as it can be for us)

Thank you for your kind support and welcome to all new members joining us. We are delighted to have you on-board.

In our recent past updates, we mentioned that we are working on some changes that are necessary to fire up your earnings as we grow our community into a very large online advertising network. Today, we wish to announce that our programming team have began work on these changes and updates, and we expect completion within a couple of days.

When completed, the program will have more features to sweeten your experience here. These features will include: Additional Earnings per referral click, Currency exchange with Admin approval to control cash flow, Straight-line cycler system fed by Rev Share earnings, Increased profit Shares and Profit Run times, and many more.

While working on the updates, we have opened the Rev Share purchase page to allow members buy Rev Share Units without first buying AdzPay-Pack subscription. Remember that your Rev Share Units will benefit from the new Profit Share ROI once system update is completed.

We enjoin you to share this info with others. Thank you and until next update.

Thank you.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team
(Always Remember to read your Internal Mailbox - It contains valuable Admin updates and Paid Advertisement that earn you $0.02 per email)


PerfectAdSolution announced their opening for July 7th. I won't post the update here because it's quite long but it sure does 'speak' long term program. There is a countdown clock on the site for your convenience.

Twentyby30: checked my account today hoping that I would be caught up on my cycling by now but Noooo! Admin still has my account on hold even after I told him I was not making any new purchases from STP. Again, the 40% purchase was written on the site as an Option, NOT a requirement. I'm just trying to play the game but Admin seems a bit stubborn if you ask me.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and readers :)


ld randi said...

hi Blondie,
just joined FutureYields under you,
good luck to all of us and thanks for your advices!

blondie said...

Thanks Randi :)
Always more fun when you're involved, lol