Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday, lol

Well it's Wednesday already and I know I skipped a couple of days of posting. Hope you're all doing good.

LoyaltyChecks: is rockin n rollin and paying out as fast as possible. I'm still re-spending my principal every day or two and withdrawing my earnings. Hope most are doing the same :)

FutureYields: same there. Been re-spending daily and waiting for the right time to withdraw since it's only a small amount.

PerfectAdSolution: doing great and I can feel long term written all over it. I did buy that new Matrix position the other night and my Rev Shares are paying daily as promised. Nice job Admin.

AdzPays: well... I assume you've all gotten their updates and know that the Rev Share portion is the main portion now. The cycler is more of a bonus position once you've earned enough in your cycler balance.
I don't know yet how this is going to be accepted by current or new members so am waiting and watching for the time being.
Details if you missed them:
  • Each AdzPay Revenue Pack costs $5
  • Members Earn upto 3% daily profit shared 6 times to a maximum 140%
  • 20% of Revenue Share earnings goes to cycler balance
  • System automatically buys cycler spots once you have $2.5 in your cycler balance
  • Cycler earns 120% returns - NO RE-ENTRIES. So the line is kept short for everyone to have same cycling chance
  • For every 5 positions in the cycler, 4 positions will cycle

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