Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruh Roh!

Had a fun day yesterday even though it started so early. Always good to see the 'little one' when there isn't a party crowd around.

LoyaltyChecks: received payment today and went back in for another 2 day plan. Here's their latest update:

We have completed our first week of business. We would like to thank all members who trusted our program and joined us in this first week. We are glad to have such loyal members who are willing to consider our program and who are investing with confidence. We are working every day to maintain this confidence. 

This week marks also a small downtime which was handled in a timely manner. We are glad to have strong tech team working behind the scenes for our server stability and security. 

Finally, We have added new monitors to our ratings page. You can check and vote on those sites at:


PAS update follows and did you notice what's going to change on Monday? I'm glad to hear it. I think the required Matrix purchase could have been holding some back from participating.

We're closing in on 1200 members and our members are enjoying instant withdrawals.
You can now see your sponsor under "Account Info" on your Dashboard.
Another addition we have for you is a calculator for the RevShare part of the system.
You can check it out here:

Starting on Monday we'll be introducing 2 changes to the program.
1) Members will no longer have to purchase a Perfect Matrix package before going for the RevShare package.
2) You'll now be able to purchase 1 Perfect Matrix package every minute instead of every 3 minutes.

We'd like to warmly welcome our new members and thank you for joining our program.
You've made a right decision. We want to create something big, exciting and long-lasting, and now you're a part of it.
PerfectAdSolution is the answer to our member's needs.
It's a program designed for us all, we combined our years of experience in the industry to develop it

ACX: surprisingly got 2 more RC withdraw requests in at ACX. Hope they pay them as fast as they have been.

Remember what I wrote on Friday?

"Speaking of payouts... I requested one from Twentyby30 on the 4th of July. It was scheduled to be paid on the 15th. Checking my withdrawals list on the 16th I see it's been changed to the 18th. Will it come through tonight? Sure hope so."

As of yesterday, my withdraw request has been changed again to July 21st this time. Do you think the writing is on the wall?

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