Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi-Yo Silver

FutureYields: still doing really well but I did cash out a good chunk and am playing with profit now. I don't normally do that but these days of short-term programs can catch you off-guard if you're not watching closely enough. FY Admin is doing a fantastic job so no complaints there.

AdzPays: they have updated us and we're still waiting on an official re-opening date/time.

PerfectAdSolution: good launch yesterday after the few little hiccup's at the very start. I did purchase into both the Matrix and the Rev Share. Have surfed my daily 10 sites for the Rev Share and have earned for two days now. The Matrix still baffles me but it's OK. As long as I'm earning I can't complain :)
Oh and if you missed the launch, might want to wait until the "Time Matrix" counts down to -0- and purchase then. You'll have a better chance of cycling faster than if you purchase now.

Twentyby30: requested a $25 withdraw on the 4th of July. Estimated pay date is July 15th. A bit longer than their posted "schedule" but I'll let you know when I'm paid.

Last but not least... just have to mention this.

When AdClickXpress opened their Silver Membership just over a month ago, my Upline and I had a brief chat about it and figured... what the hell. It's $10 fresh funds monthly but could be worth it, so we both jumped in.

As you know, I'm not currently promoting ACX but I do have a good amount of down line from the days when it was JBP.

To make a long story short, a few of my down line also upgraded to Silver and a few of their down line as well. Yes, they pay RC on that as long as you're upgraded yourself.

Since that time, I have requested 5 withdrawals and been paid 5 times. Now, those were Silver Membership RC and regular RC only. My old pending's for DSP were over 3,000 hours old so I cancelled those and just went for the new stuff and I'll be damned... it worked!

Now I'm sure most of you have blown this one off, but the next time you log in there, check the big red link that says: New Income Stream. It will tell you if you have missed any Silver Commissions, assuming you have/had referrals that is.

OK that's it. Just didn't want anyone else to miss out on something you may have forgotten about.
Cheers :)


Gord said...

Howdy Blondie,

Your piece about ACX is what I call the definition of patience. Good work.

blondie said...

Hey Gord,
Yep, sometimes patience pays off.
You know what I mean, lol
Cheers :)