Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Did You Say Pirates?

PAS: as soon as my next 6 hour earning comes through, am going to purchase more rev share packs. Just for the record, I am not in profit or even BEP yet but feel this is a safe one to keep growing for now.
Update: and I did. Bought 2 more yesterday and 2 more today.

AdzPays: finally got a cycler position placed. Now the wait begins for it to cycle and pay me out.
Update: cycled on Wed (next day) and paid me out $3.

Update: It's Wed. afternoon now and it's been raining here since I went to bed last night. Lots of flooding around the State but nothing here on my street, TG. My garden looks like it's floating right now but hopefully the excess water will sink in soon. And you don't wanna know how I've been keeping the water from flooding under my patio slab. Remind me to tell you later. Or better yet, I'll take a pic when the sun comes back out.

The entire state of Colorado is under a watch for severe storms and flooding over the next two days. Not raining here yet but they say once it starts it won't stop for awhile.
Those not worried about that are my family (and friends) who are in BVI for a nice long vacation. I read in facebook that they started their day today by being pirates... all of em. lol

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