Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Tripler

ShowBizHits - traffic exchange: good day to surf for 5 minutes and pick up 75 ad credits. I also caught 50 free banner impressions while I was there. Nice :)
Enter Surf Code: surf 
Surf 25 pages and receive:
75 Credits


Early this morning, I purchased a week long surf vacation from PerFectAdSolution. It only cost $1.50 and in my case, with 10 rev share units, will pay for itself during the first day.

AdzPays: site is currently down. They are aware and work is in progress.

- Long update follows showing lots of cycling. I haven't cycled any yet and currently have 7 rev share packs. So maybe it won't be too much longer for me. Don't forget you can also "surf and earn" for .01 per ad viewed. (hate the talking ad's but oh well)

Hello there,
Here's our current Cycler Stats for 1 week:

July 18th - 8 spots cycled
July 19th - 8 spots cycled
July 20th - 12 spots cycled
July 21st - 12 spots cycled
July 22nd - 16 spots cycled
July 23rd - 16 spots cycled
July 24th (Today) - 20 spots have already cycled and its just 10am Server Time

Can you notice the cycler speed increase by the day? So, why sit and watch. Upgrade your account now. Buy some Revenue Packs and join in the earning spree.

Remember you can earn in the following ways:

1. Buy AdzPay Revenue Packs and earn from both 140% Daily Rev Shares and 120% Single Line cycler
2. PTC: $0.01 per click and $0.0025 per Direct Referral Click
3. PTR: $0.02 per Email Read in the back office
4. Create Publisher zones and add our Network Ad Codes to your website and earn $0.03 per unique click from your website.
5. Referral Commissions: 5%, 3%, 2% on levels 1-3 respectively.

To add the Publisher Network Code to your website, Select Create Publisher Zones under Member Menu in the back office, Click Add New Zone, Select the type of Banner and Text Ads display you want shown on your website, Give it any title of your choice, click Next, and copy the Code generated into your website. That's all. Our Networks Ads Will Start displaying on your site.

Thanks for your support.
Admin Juby


And two more quick notes...
Received a payment last night from AdClickXpress.
Always nice to see those and it was for RC from the AdPack area of the main program. I am upgraded to Silver so that may have helped. Was only pending for 4 days too. FYI

Speaking of pending payments... do you think I'll get this one today from Twentyby30 or will they change the date again? The 24th is the 4th different estimated pay date I've had.
2014-07-04 10:35:33  SolidTrustPay  $ 25.00  Pending  2014-07-24

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