Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today Could Be Better

Took some time off yesterday after doing my daily routine here. Now I see a possible new problem and an old problem getting worse.

Late payments reported in LoyaltyChecks, 24 hours plus. Could be a goner :(

Twentyby30 extended my estimated pay date again!
It went from July 15th, to the 18th, to the 21st and now the 24th. Cripes, it's only 25 dollars, not 500.


On a happier note...

PerfectAdSolution has been a joy to have around. Looking at my pay stats, I realized due to the time of day that I surfed, I was only receiving earnings on my Rev Shares twice a day.
So last night I had the idea to purchase a 1 day "surf vacation" for .30 cents. As of right now, I've already earned 3 times. Once after midnight, once after 6 AM and again just now, after Noon. Definitely something you guys should check into if you've been missing out like I have.

Also an Interview with the Admin was posted in a forum and also sent to our email. Here it is for you if you're interested but not a member yet:

The winner of our beta contest, Blues, has been given an opportunity to make an interview with the admin.
Here's what came out of it:

Q: Why did you choose a RevShare/Matrix combination? There's already a lot of programs doing that.
A: PerfectAdSolution is only seemingly similar to other programs that use a combination of RevShare and Matrix in their plans.
However the solutions we used in our program are significantly different then those that you can find elsewhere.

Q: So what was the reason for choosing the previously mentioned combination?
A: PerfectAdSolution really consists of 2 different systems that are supporting each other so the whole program can last as long as possible. (Forever would be nice)

Q: What would be your strategy as a member?
A: During the initial growth phase, while cycling speed of the matrices is still slow, I would focus more on the RevShare part of the program.
That way you can receive some earnings every day and you don't have to participate in the a bit harder part of the program.

Q: Are you saying that matrices are only an addition to the program then?
A: Matrices are a really powerful tool that can give you quick earnings, however to unleash their true potential they need a constant flow of new positions coming in.
RevShare payments will help us to achieve that as they will grow bigger and bigger.
Matrices will become a main source of the income from the program for a big part of our members.

Q: You said that RevShare and Matrix are supporting each other. Could you tell me more about it? 
A: As I've already mentioned, RevShare payments are one example of systems supporting each other.
Part of every RevShare payment you get is placed in your Matrix balance, which can be used only to purchase Perfect Matrix packages.
You can enable auto-purchasing of such packages using your Matrix balance and treat that as a bonus, or you can choose to purchase them on your own, whenever you feel is the right moment to earn you the most money.
Perfect Matrix has a few unique features like Push my position, Restarts and RSH.
The last one, RSH, is a special system account which purchases Perfect Matrix positions using the commissions obtained from members purchases of Surf Vacation, Push packages, banners etc.
The profit that RSH generates is then added to the RevShare pool so the balance between the two systems is maintained.

Q: Sounds good. Could you please tell me more about Restarts?
A: Restarts are helping to maintain the cycling speed of the matrices, they're adding freshness and are completely changing the way we look at a matrix program.
Restart in every matrix is different, it runs independently of other matrices and its goal is to get rid of unwanted ballast.
When we were creating the program we asked ourselves a question "how can we make people want to join a matrix program 2, 5 or even 25 months after the launch without them worrying that they will be put at the end of the line and never earning anything?"
That's how we came up with the idea of Restarts. Every other matrix program stalls and goes offline shortly after that.
In that case you have to search a new program for yourself all over again.
When we see that some part of the Perfect Matrix slows down, we implement a Restart and the fun starts again - You can be at the top and earn some nice cash.
Restart in one of the matrices helps to increase the number of positions in other 2 matrices, adding them the needed dynamic.
Positions of users affected by the restart receive 50% cashback and a way to make up for your losses.

Q: It all looks very promising, which I could experience myself during the beta.
How did you come up with the idea of beta/contest?
You don't usually see that kind of thing in programs online.
A:We wanted to show our potential members that the name "PerfectAdSolution" is not totally random here, and that the program has some really well thought solutions, giving you great earning opportunities.
As you can see, we don't pretend to be investing members money on Forex or that we're loaning it to corporations counting on a high return. All rules are clearly stated there's no misleading and what really makes us different from others is our Perfect Solution.

Q: What are your expectations for this year?
A: We would like to have 10,000 active and happy members by the end of the year.

Q: The last question I wanted to ask is whether you're cooking something special for us in the near future.
A: We're continuously working on improving the program and obtaining new outside income sources.
That process however requires time and increased activity of our members.
We can share with you that you can expect a new contest soon. We'll be posting more details about it when we're ready.

Thank you for taking your time today and answering my questions, you have an awesome program and I hope that your "Perfect plan" will work out for you.
Thank you for having me.
I would just want to add that the faith of our members in this program is really motivating, we're really pleasantly surprised.

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