Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Did You Say Pirates?

PAS: as soon as my next 6 hour earning comes through, am going to purchase more rev share packs. Just for the record, I am not in profit or even BEP yet but feel this is a safe one to keep growing for now.
Update: and I did. Bought 2 more yesterday and 2 more today.

AdzPays: finally got a cycler position placed. Now the wait begins for it to cycle and pay me out.
Update: cycled on Wed (next day) and paid me out $3.

Update: It's Wed. afternoon now and it's been raining here since I went to bed last night. Lots of flooding around the State but nothing here on my street, TG. My garden looks like it's floating right now but hopefully the excess water will sink in soon. And you don't wanna know how I've been keeping the water from flooding under my patio slab. Remind me to tell you later. Or better yet, I'll take a pic when the sun comes back out.

The entire state of Colorado is under a watch for severe storms and flooding over the next two days. Not raining here yet but they say once it starts it won't stop for awhile.
Those not worried about that are my family (and friends) who are in BVI for a nice long vacation. I read in facebook that they started their day today by being pirates... all of em. lol

Monday, July 28, 2014

Short on Words Today

I need to talk but don't really feel like talking. You know what I mean? How sometimes you can't shut your mouth and other times, not much to say.

Joined a new program late in the day yesterday which explains why I didn't write about it yet.

It's called SPARBS and is a sports arbitrage service provider. Now they do offer 3 different plans and each has their own time frame with different percentages of earnings. I went for the 30 day plan but would guess most would go for the 15 day. Don't really know and that's just my opinion.
Do note that you do not earn anything until your plan is expired. So if you do choose the 15 day plan (for example), you won't earn a thing until the 15 days are up and you can withdraw. In other words, no daily earnings to withdraw and/or re-spend. You just have to wait it out.
- $10 minimum spend
- Plans run: 15, 30 and 45 days
- Returns are: 120%, 160% and 210%
- Accepts: PM, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin
- Experienced Admin 
Now I suppose if you refer and get RC, you can cash that out along the way. Will be watching for 'paid posts' on that. Anyway, it's all in the FAQ's if any of you are interested.

Sunday Newsletter from PerfectAdSolution follows.
(I really like this one. Bought 2 more rev shares yesterday)

Hi folks, how are you doing today?
Are you enjoying the summer?
Things here are going slowly, but we're still surely moving forward each day.
We've extended the Time Matrix rounds from 3 days to 7 days to allow more members to cycle in each round.
Your Dashboard tells you now how much you've earned today and also how much you've earned in total.
Earlier today, all our members received free 1000 banner credits. Use them to promote your business.

For people who are still learning how the program works, we've prepared a mini-guide.
Basic strategy in 3 steps:
1) Purchase as many Perfect RevShare as you can
Perfect RevShare packages will give you up to 6% a day and earn you a total of 150%.
2) Repurchase more shares
Every time you have $6, you can purchase a new share, it helps to grow your account.
3) Use your Matrix balance in the right moment
Observe the matrices and pick the best moment to purchase a Perfect Matrix package.
To maximize your profits you want to do that very soon after restarts happens in one of them.

Let me show you how it works.

You deposited $100. You have to purchase a $3 Membership(your sponsor gets those $3), which leaves you with $97.
You can now purchase your Perfect RevShare packages. You can purchase 16 shares.
Let's consider 2 scenarios now:
1) You repurchase constantly for 40 days
After your shares expire you'll have $177.6 on a Cash balance and $122.4 on a Matrix balance.
That means that after 80 days you can withdraw almost twice as much as you deposited and you will have over $120 on your Matrix balance which can still turn into an unlimited amount of money.

2) You don't repurchase at all
After your shares expire you'll have $115.2 on a Cash balance on a Cash balance and $28.8 on a Matrix balance

So as you can see repurchasing greatly increases your earning potential.
If you want to try out a different scenario feel free to use our calculator: https://www.perfectadsolution.com/calculate-your-earnings

Lastly, a quick reminder to our older members:
You don't need to purchase a Perfect Matrix package anymore to be able to start purchasing a Perfect RevShare ones.

AdzPays: managed to cash out a couple of bucks yesterday and was left with enough to buy another rev share.
Been reading in the forum how excited everyone is about their cycling. Well, I haven't cycled anything yet but hope to soon.

Twentyby30: Yep. You guessed it.
Estimated pay date changed again for the 6th time.
2014-07-04   SolidTrustPay   $ 25.00   Pending   2014-07-31

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bumble Bees and Butterflies

Was watering my corn and sunflowers today. Saw a bunch of bumble bees getting their fix from the sunflowers. Also noticed a lot of butterflies around, more than usual. Anyway, was nice to take my mind off other things for awhile. (yes I know I need to pull weeds, shush)

PAS: been really happy with it especially since I paid for the Surf Vacation and have not missed any of the 6 hour earnings. Purchased another Rev Share today with profit and a little RC (TY) and looking towards growing my account over time. I think we have a winner here :)

AdzPays: keeping a close eye on it but not playing as aggressive as I could be. Why? I dunno. Just watching and reading a lot for now. Maybe I'll be more excited if and when I finally cycle a spot :/

Make it Five for Twentyby30:
Hate to bad mouth about something that used to pay so regular but ever since I decided not to put in 40% of fresh new funds... I have not been paid. My estimated pay date has been changed again (5x) and is now July 27th.
Now I'm thinking, if the 40% were a rule, it's understandable. But it's not. It's an option they say. Yet if you don't spend fresh funds, your account gets locked and your pay date keeps being extended.
That's really bad IMO. Admin's should not advertise "options" if they don't plan to allow it. Sadly that seems to be the case here.

Do I do this at times? Mmm, maybe.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Tripler

ShowBizHits - traffic exchange: good day to surf for 5 minutes and pick up 75 ad credits. I also caught 50 free banner impressions while I was there. Nice :)
Enter Surf Code: surf 
Surf 25 pages and receive:
75 Credits


Early this morning, I purchased a week long surf vacation from PerFectAdSolution. It only cost $1.50 and in my case, with 10 rev share units, will pay for itself during the first day.

AdzPays: site is currently down. They are aware and work is in progress.

- Long update follows showing lots of cycling. I haven't cycled any yet and currently have 7 rev share packs. So maybe it won't be too much longer for me. Don't forget you can also "surf and earn" for .01 per ad viewed. (hate the talking ad's but oh well)

Hello there,
Here's our current Cycler Stats for 1 week:

July 18th - 8 spots cycled
July 19th - 8 spots cycled
July 20th - 12 spots cycled
July 21st - 12 spots cycled
July 22nd - 16 spots cycled
July 23rd - 16 spots cycled
July 24th (Today) - 20 spots have already cycled and its just 10am Server Time

Can you notice the cycler speed increase by the day? So, why sit and watch. Upgrade your account now. Buy some Revenue Packs and join in the earning spree.

Remember you can earn in the following ways:

1. Buy AdzPay Revenue Packs and earn from both 140% Daily Rev Shares and 120% Single Line cycler
2. PTC: $0.01 per click and $0.0025 per Direct Referral Click
3. PTR: $0.02 per Email Read in the back office
4. Create Publisher zones and add our Network Ad Codes to your website and earn $0.03 per unique click from your website.
5. Referral Commissions: 5%, 3%, 2% on levels 1-3 respectively.

To add the Publisher Network Code to your website, Select Create Publisher Zones under Member Menu in the back office, Click Add New Zone, Select the type of Banner and Text Ads display you want shown on your website, Give it any title of your choice, click Next, and copy the Code generated into your website. That's all. Our Networks Ads Will Start displaying on your site.

Thanks for your support.
Admin Juby


And two more quick notes...
Received a payment last night from AdClickXpress.
Always nice to see those and it was for RC from the AdPack area of the main program. I am upgraded to Silver so that may have helped. Was only pending for 4 days too. FYI

Speaking of pending payments... do you think I'll get this one today from Twentyby30 or will they change the date again? The 24th is the 4th different estimated pay date I've had.
2014-07-04 10:35:33  SolidTrustPay  $ 25.00  Pending  2014-07-24

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today Could Be Better

Took some time off yesterday after doing my daily routine here. Now I see a possible new problem and an old problem getting worse.

Late payments reported in LoyaltyChecks, 24 hours plus. Could be a goner :(

Twentyby30 extended my estimated pay date again!
It went from July 15th, to the 18th, to the 21st and now the 24th. Cripes, it's only 25 dollars, not 500.


On a happier note...

PerfectAdSolution has been a joy to have around. Looking at my pay stats, I realized due to the time of day that I surfed, I was only receiving earnings on my Rev Shares twice a day.
So last night I had the idea to purchase a 1 day "surf vacation" for .30 cents. As of right now, I've already earned 3 times. Once after midnight, once after 6 AM and again just now, after Noon. Definitely something you guys should check into if you've been missing out like I have.

Also an Interview with the Admin was posted in a forum and also sent to our email. Here it is for you if you're interested but not a member yet:

The winner of our beta contest, Blues, has been given an opportunity to make an interview with the admin.
Here's what came out of it:

Q: Why did you choose a RevShare/Matrix combination? There's already a lot of programs doing that.
A: PerfectAdSolution is only seemingly similar to other programs that use a combination of RevShare and Matrix in their plans.
However the solutions we used in our program are significantly different then those that you can find elsewhere.

Q: So what was the reason for choosing the previously mentioned combination?
A: PerfectAdSolution really consists of 2 different systems that are supporting each other so the whole program can last as long as possible. (Forever would be nice)

Q: What would be your strategy as a member?
A: During the initial growth phase, while cycling speed of the matrices is still slow, I would focus more on the RevShare part of the program.
That way you can receive some earnings every day and you don't have to participate in the a bit harder part of the program.

Q: Are you saying that matrices are only an addition to the program then?
A: Matrices are a really powerful tool that can give you quick earnings, however to unleash their true potential they need a constant flow of new positions coming in.
RevShare payments will help us to achieve that as they will grow bigger and bigger.
Matrices will become a main source of the income from the program for a big part of our members.

Q: You said that RevShare and Matrix are supporting each other. Could you tell me more about it? 
A: As I've already mentioned, RevShare payments are one example of systems supporting each other.
Part of every RevShare payment you get is placed in your Matrix balance, which can be used only to purchase Perfect Matrix packages.
You can enable auto-purchasing of such packages using your Matrix balance and treat that as a bonus, or you can choose to purchase them on your own, whenever you feel is the right moment to earn you the most money.
Perfect Matrix has a few unique features like Push my position, Restarts and RSH.
The last one, RSH, is a special system account which purchases Perfect Matrix positions using the commissions obtained from members purchases of Surf Vacation, Push packages, banners etc.
The profit that RSH generates is then added to the RevShare pool so the balance between the two systems is maintained.

Q: Sounds good. Could you please tell me more about Restarts?
A: Restarts are helping to maintain the cycling speed of the matrices, they're adding freshness and are completely changing the way we look at a matrix program.
Restart in every matrix is different, it runs independently of other matrices and its goal is to get rid of unwanted ballast.
When we were creating the program we asked ourselves a question "how can we make people want to join a matrix program 2, 5 or even 25 months after the launch without them worrying that they will be put at the end of the line and never earning anything?"
That's how we came up with the idea of Restarts. Every other matrix program stalls and goes offline shortly after that.
In that case you have to search a new program for yourself all over again.
When we see that some part of the Perfect Matrix slows down, we implement a Restart and the fun starts again - You can be at the top and earn some nice cash.
Restart in one of the matrices helps to increase the number of positions in other 2 matrices, adding them the needed dynamic.
Positions of users affected by the restart receive 50% cashback and a way to make up for your losses.

Q: It all looks very promising, which I could experience myself during the beta.
How did you come up with the idea of beta/contest?
You don't usually see that kind of thing in programs online.
A:We wanted to show our potential members that the name "PerfectAdSolution" is not totally random here, and that the program has some really well thought solutions, giving you great earning opportunities.
As you can see, we don't pretend to be investing members money on Forex or that we're loaning it to corporations counting on a high return. All rules are clearly stated there's no misleading and what really makes us different from others is our Perfect Solution.

Q: What are your expectations for this year?
A: We would like to have 10,000 active and happy members by the end of the year.

Q: The last question I wanted to ask is whether you're cooking something special for us in the near future.
A: We're continuously working on improving the program and obtaining new outside income sources.
That process however requires time and increased activity of our members.
We can share with you that you can expect a new contest soon. We'll be posting more details about it when we're ready.

Thank you for taking your time today and answering my questions, you have an awesome program and I hope that your "Perfect plan" will work out for you.
Thank you for having me.
I would just want to add that the faith of our members in this program is really motivating, we're really pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruh Roh!

Had a fun day yesterday even though it started so early. Always good to see the 'little one' when there isn't a party crowd around.

LoyaltyChecks: received payment today and went back in for another 2 day plan. Here's their latest update:

We have completed our first week of business. We would like to thank all members who trusted our program and joined us in this first week. We are glad to have such loyal members who are willing to consider our program and who are investing with confidence. We are working every day to maintain this confidence. 

This week marks also a small downtime which was handled in a timely manner. We are glad to have strong tech team working behind the scenes for our server stability and security. 

Finally, We have added new monitors to our ratings page. You can check and vote on those sites at:


PAS update follows and did you notice what's going to change on Monday? I'm glad to hear it. I think the required Matrix purchase could have been holding some back from participating.

We're closing in on 1200 members and our members are enjoying instant withdrawals.
You can now see your sponsor under "Account Info" on your Dashboard.
Another addition we have for you is a calculator for the RevShare part of the system.
You can check it out here: https://www.perfectadsolution.com/calculator

Starting on Monday we'll be introducing 2 changes to the program.
1) Members will no longer have to purchase a Perfect Matrix package before going for the RevShare package.
2) You'll now be able to purchase 1 Perfect Matrix package every minute instead of every 3 minutes.

We'd like to warmly welcome our new members and thank you for joining our program.
You've made a right decision. We want to create something big, exciting and long-lasting, and now you're a part of it.
PerfectAdSolution is the answer to our member's needs.
It's a program designed for us all, we combined our years of experience in the industry to develop it

ACX: surprisingly got 2 more RC withdraw requests in at ACX. Hope they pay them as fast as they have been.

Remember what I wrote on Friday?

"Speaking of payouts... I requested one from Twentyby30 on the 4th of July. It was scheduled to be paid on the 15th. Checking my withdrawals list on the 16th I see it's been changed to the 18th. Will it come through tonight? Sure hope so."

As of yesterday, my withdraw request has been changed again to July 21st this time. Do you think the writing is on the wall?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to you :)
Was busy yesterday afternoon babysitting and am doing the same in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Well, wee hours to me. I'm not an early riser like I used to be so 'be here at 9 AM' is just early.

LoyaltyChecks, my 2 day plan expired so I cashed out my earnings and went in for another 2 day run with my principal. Might as well get it while the gettin is good.

FutureYields is still paying but keep in mind it started on June 30th.

PAS: have almost earned enough to buy another Rev Share unit and I plan to do that to keep it growing.

AdzPays: cashed out the other day and wondered why I only received half of what I requested while the other half went back to wallet (where I can spend only). Seems if I had read the FAQ's more clearly, I would have known the answer before submitting a ticket, duh.
In any case, I did receive my payout.

Speaking of payouts... I requested one from Twentyby30 on the 4th of July. It was scheduled to be paid on the 15th. Checking my withdrawals list on the 16th I see it's been changed to the 18th. Will it come through tonight? Sure hope so.

ACX: since I am upgraded to Silver and most of my referrals are not... I've been getting some scattered Silver Membership RC that "leapfrogged" to me. Once it reaches $20 you can withdraw and I can honestly say that 'so far' they've been paying that pretty fast.
NOTE: my DSP withdraw requests never did get paid after 3000+ hours. It's only been the Silver RC and regular RC that has gotten paid quickly.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday, lol

Well it's Wednesday already and I know I skipped a couple of days of posting. Hope you're all doing good.

LoyaltyChecks: is rockin n rollin and paying out as fast as possible. I'm still re-spending my principal every day or two and withdrawing my earnings. Hope most are doing the same :)

FutureYields: same there. Been re-spending daily and waiting for the right time to withdraw since it's only a small amount.

PerfectAdSolution: doing great and I can feel long term written all over it. I did buy that new Matrix position the other night and my Rev Shares are paying daily as promised. Nice job Admin.

AdzPays: well... I assume you've all gotten their updates and know that the Rev Share portion is the main portion now. The cycler is more of a bonus position once you've earned enough in your cycler balance.
I don't know yet how this is going to be accepted by current or new members so am waiting and watching for the time being.
Details if you missed them:
  • Each AdzPay Revenue Pack costs $5
  • Members Earn upto 3% daily profit shared 6 times to a maximum 140%
  • 20% of Revenue Share earnings goes to cycler balance
  • System automatically buys cycler spots once you have $2.5 in your cycler balance
  • Cycler earns 120% returns - NO RE-ENTRIES. So the line is kept short for everyone to have same cycling chance
  • For every 5 positions in the cycler, 4 positions will cycle

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Everything Looks Good Today...

except for my poor vacuum cleaner.
Was trying to vacuum and it kept over heating and shutting off. Too hot in here maybe? Or too much hair maybe? Well, between me and the cats, the poor vacuum takes a beating every time, lol

LoyaltyChecks: off to a great start and working perfectly!
Oh, just now received my first payment from them:
Amount: 9.00 $
Comment: Withdraw to blondie from Loyalty Checks Limited
And here's the first newsletter from Loyalty:

Welcome to Loyalty Checks Limited! The first 24 hours of the launch of our business were successful. The results so far are satisfactory and we are looking forward to serving our clients and bringing value to their online investing experience. 

If you have any question please contact us via our support ticket system where our two representatives Carole and Mark will take care of your inquiries. 

On operational level, we would like to ask our members to check if their payment data is correct. You can do that by going to Edit Account in your member area. If it is not correct, then please send us a support ticket or simply enter your payment data in the fields provided. You can enter the data only once.

FutureYields: went back into the 1 day plan again. I'll do that for a few more days probably.

AdzPays: still waiting for an update (sigh).
OK, looks like we'll have something tomorrow to read up on.
Hello Everyone,
Please this is to quickly inform you that we are updating the new changes and will be done Tomorrow, Monday, July 14, 2014.
Thank you.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team

PAS: is doing well and tonight at 8 PM my time the Time Matrix clock will hit Zero. If I'm still online, I do plan to purchase a new matrix position. If you're gonna buy a new one, that is the best time to do it.
Rev Shares on the other hand are paying daily as promised.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Program Announcement

Just opened this morning...

Back in a minute but you know the drill :)

OK back.
- New short-term program, brand new, decent plans and an experienced Admin.
- Minimum spend is $6
- Accepts EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin and PM
- RC is 5% for those who promote
- 68 members as of this writing
I registered early today and went with the 2 day plan.
Not too much, not too little, should work out good.

Note: after you register, check your "Edit Account" page to be sure your pay processor info is still there. Mine disappeared and I had to re-enter it.
* Should be fixed tomorrow.

Also, some of the emails you get from Loyalty might be delivered to your spam folder, so keep an eye out for that.

Give a holler if you have questions but this is pretty straight forward. Good Luck to those who join and have a great Saturday!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi-Yo Silver

FutureYields: still doing really well but I did cash out a good chunk and am playing with profit now. I don't normally do that but these days of short-term programs can catch you off-guard if you're not watching closely enough. FY Admin is doing a fantastic job so no complaints there.

AdzPays: they have updated us and we're still waiting on an official re-opening date/time.

PerfectAdSolution: good launch yesterday after the few little hiccup's at the very start. I did purchase into both the Matrix and the Rev Share. Have surfed my daily 10 sites for the Rev Share and have earned for two days now. The Matrix still baffles me but it's OK. As long as I'm earning I can't complain :)
Oh and if you missed the launch, might want to wait until the "Time Matrix" counts down to -0- and purchase then. You'll have a better chance of cycling faster than if you purchase now.

Twentyby30: requested a $25 withdraw on the 4th of July. Estimated pay date is July 15th. A bit longer than their posted "schedule" but I'll let you know when I'm paid.

Last but not least... just have to mention this.

When AdClickXpress opened their Silver Membership just over a month ago, my Upline and I had a brief chat about it and figured... what the hell. It's $10 fresh funds monthly but could be worth it, so we both jumped in.

As you know, I'm not currently promoting ACX but I do have a good amount of down line from the days when it was JBP.

To make a long story short, a few of my down line also upgraded to Silver and a few of their down line as well. Yes, they pay RC on that as long as you're upgraded yourself.

Since that time, I have requested 5 withdrawals and been paid 5 times. Now, those were Silver Membership RC and regular RC only. My old pending's for DSP were over 3,000 hours old so I cancelled those and just went for the new stuff and I'll be damned... it worked!

Now I'm sure most of you have blown this one off, but the next time you log in there, check the big red link that says: New Income Stream. It will tell you if you have missed any Silver Commissions, assuming you have/had referrals that is.

OK that's it. Just didn't want anyone else to miss out on something you may have forgotten about.
Cheers :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


PerfectAdSolution: Launch postponed until tomorrow.

We're glad to announce that the migration has been completed successfully.
However we still have to postpone our launch by another day.
The reason is that we have to wait for DNS propagation to spread world-wide.
There's pretty much nothing we can do about it.
The new launch date is July 10th, 2PM EDT.
To get the idea what time it is in your timezone please refer to the timer on the website.
If you cannot access the website try those 2 things:
- Flush your DNS (http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/ClearingBrowserCache)
- Clear your browser's cache and cookies (http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache)
If neither of them works, wait a few hours and try again.
More experienced users might try to add a new entry to their hosts file. perfectadsolution.com
Registrations, deposits and purchasing Membership have been re-enabled.
We'll be doing some performance tests on the server so you might see that there are some positions present in the matrices however don't worry about it, as they all will be cleared before launch.

Lastly, we'd like to thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

FutureYields: my 3 day plan expires tomorrow. I'll decide what to do with my earnings at that time :)

AdzPays: should be hearing from them today to announce their re-opening... I hope.
In the meantime, my cash balance got up to $5 again so I withdrew that back to e-wallet and made a new Rev Share purchase.

Hope all you Super Hero's have a great day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday O-Rae :))

Not much to write about today.
Had a horrific Wind, Rain and Hail storm last evening. Sure beat up my veggie garden and flowers. Some of it may come back, some may not. I'm sure it took it's toll on my roof and yes, put some holes in the siding of the house too. But at least it didn't break any windows. Still... hate it when I have to call the Insurance Co. :(

PAS: re-launching at 1 PM EDT tomorrow unless there is another change. Update just in:
"Unfortunately our server provider is still in the process of setting up the new server for us.
For that reason, we're not sure if we'll be able to launch according to what the timer says now. (July 9th 1PM EDT)
We'll be making a decision whether to extend the coutdown clock by 1 more day in the next 6 hours.
So keep an eye on the email and the clock so you don't miss out.
On another note, after migrating to the new server we'll be extending Memberships of those people who have already subscribed to one.
The good news is that our member base has increased to over 1030 members.
We'll send out a next update as soon as possible."

AdzPays: waiting on word from them for re-opening, and

I should write about ACX but maybe some other time.

Today is another important day for me.
Four years ago today this little one came into the world and what an experience it has been. Yes, of course I mean that in a good way :)
Happy Birthday Olivia Rae!
Hope you're having a really fun birthday!
Love you lots and see you tonight! xoxo

Monday, July 7, 2014

PAS Launch Postponed

PerfectAdSolution: too many members trying to purchase all at the same time didn't fly. We crashed the server and Admin will announce a new launch date as soon as he has it stabilized... (he's estimating 48 hours from the original date/time).

Launch update
Published on 2014-07-07
We're very sorry to inform you that our current server is not able to handle the load.
Because of that we have to reschedule the launch until we upgrade to one that can handle it.
We'll update you as soon as we know how long will it take to set the new server up.
Once again, we apologize for the situation.
We hope that you won't lose the confidence in us.
As bad as it looks we've had many new signups today and we've caught attention of some leaders.
In the grand scheme of things, it might be beneficial for all if we have a few more days to attract new members.
You'll hear from us soon.

FutureYields: decided to cash out today and I was paid within minutes. Also threw my principal back in for another 3 day plan. How's that for confidence? lol

OK this is kind of bizaare...
Glanced at my page views here right after writing a Happy Anniversary note to my son Dave and his wife Jessica in Facebook, and it read:
Just so you know Today is their 7th Wedding Anniversary and they were married on 7/7/07 in lucky Las Vegas. Happy Anniversary again Kids!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday in the Heat

Pretty warm here today. Supposed to get to the mid 90's by 4 PM. At least it's a little windy so not as bad as it could be.

FutureYields: my 3 day plan expired today and I thought what the heck. I threw it all back in for another day :)

AdzPays: are putting off their re-opening for a couple more days. I don't blame them. Lots of US members out and about this weekend for the Holiday.

PerfectAdSolution: less then a day away from launch and you can add funds to your wallet now to be ready for when the countdown clock hits GO. I did that just now, added funds, and will try to be here on time.
Good Luck to those participating.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day to those of us in the U.S.

I'll be out later for the annual 4th of July party at my son's house but here's a couple of things I want to mention before I go...

Twentyby30: my account was taken off of hold (finally) and I am cycling again. They didn't back track / catch up what I missed but at least it's moving again now :)

FutureYields is doing just fine and yesterday I decided to go with the 3 day plan since the next few days at home will be busy for me.

PAS put out a long update but I have yet to read it. I'm sure it's all good, just short on time right now, lol

Payza - Pay Processor: got an email from them that US citizens can use their service once again. I got pretty excited until I checked my account and saw that the money I had in there is gone. Where did it go? Well, they told me it was confiscated by the Dept of Justice and gave me a link to information about how I can 'possibly' get it back. Hmmm, is that for real or not??

ACX: here's a shocker.
I upgraded to Silver when it first opened and noticed some of my downline doing the same. My Silver RC got past the minimum $20 mark so I put in for a withdraw. Amazingly enough, received it in 2 days time. Well, guess I'll keep my Silver Membership alive for as long as it stays profitable.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hotel California

Our friend Gord of Gord's Home Biz a.k.a. The Open CashBox posted a Blog Appreciation Day today. How cute is that? Go see his new site if you haven't already. It's a work in progress and looks fabulous!

FutureYields: completed my first day there and threw the entire amount back in for another day. It wasn't tons so am trying to build it up a little at this early stage.

AdzPays: are working on some improvements so patience is the word and let's hope they come up with some good plans. A reminder though, you don't need to buy a $20 cycler subscription any longer to be able to play in the Rev Share which is only $5 per spot and paying 2% daily.
* PS, today I withdrew some cash balance to wallet and between the two, had enough to buy a new rev share unit. Now don't forget to surf for .20 cents daily. It all adds up.

PAS: 5 days left to launch. Time to get ready.

The E-currency Exchange Service previously named x-Changer.org is now Changer.com. Nice new site and seems very user friendly. Yes, I've already updated their banner on my side bar, noticed some RC funds while I was there, requested a cash out and was paid damn near instantly. Nice job Admins :)

My account at Twentyby30 is Still On Hold! Why?
Because I'm trying to check out but I can never leave.
Here's the notice in case you guys haven't seen it yet:

Red Alert Your account is temporary on hold until 40% requirement is met
Your withdrawals are cancelled and credited back to balance
You can not withdraw untill your positions mature rate are changed accordingly.
If you choose NOT to buy back 40%, your positions mature rate will be changed in a few days.

That notice has been there for 7 cycling nights now.
Wonder how long a "few days" is in his vocabulary?
Sure made me think of the Hotel California. lol

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Program Posted

There's a new program banner on my side bar today.
Future Yields opened yesterday (my birthday, must be lucky, lol) so I joined and made my first deposit today.
When you look at it, you will see it's a short-term program so remember to play smart, don't spend too much, don't compound too long, withdraw your profit and continue playing with your principal for as long as you're feeling comfortable with it.
- Minimum deposit is $5 on all plans.
- Pay Processors include EgoPay, Payeer, PM and Bitcoin.
- Run by an experienced Admin.
- RC (for those who promote) is 3%
Slick customized site. I just received a new referral notice (was a personal friend) in email and must admit, I'm impressed.
OK... you know the drill.
Good Luck to us All :)

AdzPays Update: (this team sure seems to be working hard to make this as good as it can be for us)

Thank you for your kind support and welcome to all new members joining us. We are delighted to have you on-board.

In our recent past updates, we mentioned that we are working on some changes that are necessary to fire up your earnings as we grow our community into a very large online advertising network. Today, we wish to announce that our programming team have began work on these changes and updates, and we expect completion within a couple of days.

When completed, the program will have more features to sweeten your experience here. These features will include: Additional Earnings per referral click, Currency exchange with Admin approval to control cash flow, Straight-line cycler system fed by Rev Share earnings, Increased profit Shares and Profit Run times, and many more.

While working on the updates, we have opened the Rev Share purchase page to allow members buy Rev Share Units without first buying AdzPay-Pack subscription. Remember that your Rev Share Units will benefit from the new Profit Share ROI once system update is completed.

We enjoin you to share this info with others. Thank you and until next update.

Thank you.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team
(Always Remember to read your Internal Mailbox - It contains valuable Admin updates and Paid Advertisement that earn you $0.02 per email)


PerfectAdSolution announced their opening for July 7th. I won't post the update here because it's quite long but it sure does 'speak' long term program. There is a countdown clock on the site for your convenience.

Twentyby30: checked my account today hoping that I would be caught up on my cycling by now but Noooo! Admin still has my account on hold even after I told him I was not making any new purchases from STP. Again, the 40% purchase was written on the site as an Option, NOT a requirement. I'm just trying to play the game but Admin seems a bit stubborn if you ask me.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and readers :)