Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Although I'm still fighting this dang cold, will try to update a little today. Don't be surprised if I sound blah. You know how sick people just seem grumpy. Maybe this expensive cough syrup I bought yesterday will help my attitude.

This month has put a real damper on my excitement. With one surf site and two HYIP's going under before their time, it's causing me to think twice, or maybe even three times before showing you something new. I think we all just have to remember that these are games for the most part, and not to spend more than we are comfortable with losing. I know any loss is bad, but if we get in early enough, play our cards right, don't get greedy by compounding forever, get your seed money out in a reasonable time frame then play with profit... could be the key to not having a nervous breakdown.

JBP-JSS: still waiting patiently to see what their "Big Things Coming" is. They keep hinting but not really saying much of anything about it. In the meantime... 
JSS-Tripler now has 175,542 members -- continuing to grow by nearly 3,000 new members a day. Our many promoters are doing a great job!
Yes they are! I receive a lot of notifications about my 'referrals referrals' and am really happy that you all are doing such a great job with this! JBP is a one-of-a-kind program, isn't it?

PXSense: seems to be doing well and tomorrow will be day 50 since they opened. You know what that means? Anyone who started with me on day one will have 100% of their initial spend back after Thursdays earnings. Now if you compounded a little at the beginning, you've probably got your spend back already. Kudos to you!
Still looking to be able to delete my "no good" pixel ads, but that option is not yet available. Chop Chop Admin. We need access to work our own back office Ad's.

Tripler2 (T2MoneyKlub): expecting an update from Dave soon. Unless you're an avid T2 forum reader, you probably don't know what's going on. So rather than trying to piece it together myself, will wait until that update comes out.
Meanwhile, 2% daily earnings and cash-outs done quickly. Received a payment today and will compound next time around.

GBC: always enjoy that Sunday profit share earning and I cycled out another Easy 40 Plan today. That Gord, LOL You don't even have to ask to be paid. He just sends it to you when you cycle in the 40. It's just too "Easy".

aDailyCash: still going. Day 35 for me at 3% daily = 105% back. OK, I can live with that. Last time I had $20 I compounded and bought 2 more spots. Next time I have $20, will withdraw. That seems fair for me and to show support for the program, right? Yeah I think so.

ShowBizHits: before I forget, the gals at ShowBiz are having a Valentines Day Cash Promo, and here's what they wrote:
Happy Valentines Day!!
We hope everyone is having an especially good day today with your special sweetheart. You are special to us so in honor of Valentine's Day we are having a cash surf! This is just one of the ways you can boost your ShowBiz cash earnings. Remember that we also pay 50 cents per active referral! That's pretty good as far as our industry goes, so get your splashes out there and earn a nice residual income on us. Happy surfing!

BRB, a little birdie is tappin on my window.
Nope, false alarm and he said he'd be back later.

Hope you all have a very nice Valentine's Day today and 
Thank You for being a Friend, today and always!


Randy V said...

Happy Valentines Day Judy.

I hope you have a great day and I hope you get feeling better....how about now!!!

Have a great day.


blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Thanks and Happy V Day to you too!

The cough syrup wasn't cuttin it so just had some Day Quil to top it off.
Might knock me out but, oh well.

Enjoy your day!!

Norbert's Traffic said...

I find that vitamin C helps TIME RELEASED VITAMIN C

blondie said...

Hi Norbee,
I've got some Vit C, not sure if it's the time released kind, but will drink it up shortly.
Thanks for reminding me ;)