Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good News, Bad News

The Rican Sites should be back up today.
Here's the latest from their News Wire:

High Level of Traffic
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 26, 2013 
With the site being put back up we are experiencing a rush of traffic 3 to 4 times normal levels, with most users trying to access the items that cause heaviest usage stats, manage positions & re-purchase.

I have now set today's earning update to run at 22:00 (UTC) so there is plenty of time for everyone to check their stats and re-purchase if they wish before today's earnings are run.

RAF is Back 
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 26, 2013 
RAF is back up and running. smilies/smiley.gif

The only issue is that Ego Pay purchases are not being auto approved, there is a conflict between the new security measures and Ego Pay. This will be resolved but in the meanwhile they will be manually approved within 1 working day.

(yes I removed the earlier news.
you can always check the news wire to review it)

Thanks for the Updates Russell.
I think we're all more than ready to get going again!

RAF is back up but a little on the slow side.
Am sure everyone is anxious to get in and do their thing.
I'll wait a bit before trying to log in. Give it time to settle down. Thanks again R & R !!!

UPDATE: here's a cool new gadget to use for RAF.
RicanAdFunds Calculator created by the one and only Mark, aka gummibearu in the MMG forum.
Have fun with it! It got my attention, that's for sure.
One more note: to share it with others, just change the username at the end of the URL to your own. You'll see.


I'll be back with the bad news.
Just need to verify that I am right.
OK back... 

Got a couple of emails about it this morning, so I looked for more info and yep, it's dead as a door nail.
The site is still up but I didn't check if spends are open.
My original spend only made it to 84% ROI and my second spend 74%.
Now I know HYIP's are risky and I try my best to warn you of that, but I also thought this one would last longer than it did.
Ah well, when the money is gone, it's gone and this died of natural causes. I do not believe there was any scam involved. Just not enough interest would be my guess.
Nothing more we can do.
(still ticks me off though, so you're not alone)

To those who may be angry with me for showing it to you, I did post this when I announced it:
"Is this risky? Of course it is. They all are."
And you know, no one can predict the outcome of a HYIP. You win some, you lose some. That's why I always stress not to spend more than you can afford to lose.
Is it your fault? Is it my fault? Is it my upline's fault?
None of the above. They all run their course in due time.


Sol-R Energy: received my regular daily earning and will wait till tomorrow to withdraw it.


ClickPaid: did anybody listen to Frederick last night?
Am curious what he said and also if they are aware of all the Registration problems. Please comment here or send me an email if you know anything.



HermitJim said...

It's always sad when a program goes belly up! I was just about to join it, too!


blondie said...

Hi Jim,
I'm glad you didn't join too but you would have asked my opinion first, right?
Cheers :)

Pam Mwantep said...

Thank God I did asked your opinion and you were skeptical when I wanted to join.
I would have been a very unhappy man by now.

blondie said...

I'm glad you asked too.
And I'm glad I gave you the correct answer :)

Obviously if I had known in advance what the outcome of this would be, I would never have made a 2nd spend.

Oh well :(