Friday, February 15, 2013

Men At Work

RAF and ismAI: "Manage Positions" has a new look. It's more compact than before. You'll see.
Also in RAF, EgoPay is back open for withdrawals, but not deposits.
And in ismAI, EgoPay is open for deposits, but not withdraws. OK, now I'm confused, lol
Could just be a 'work in progress'.
Thanks Admins for all you do!

PS: their eWallet is working just fine.
5 Ad Packages of $15.00 have been successfully approved.


Sol-R Energy: doing fantastic and I just read that my upline added more funds into a new spend. Hearing things like that gives me more confidence for the long run of this program.
And the Instant Payments are still working great!


xGolding: received two payments from them yesterday.
Great Job Admin!
So as of today I have a 74% return so far (on my first spend). I actually got excited and made two spends early on in the game :)


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