Monday, February 18, 2013

Quiet Day

No music today, I promise ;)

Not much to write about though. Been kind of quiet lately.
Glad that everything is working for me and there's been no drama.

On a personal note, I finally got my "flood insurance" worked out and my new mortgage payment is dropping by about $100 a month! WhooHooo!


RicanAdFunds: continues to rock! Yep I said it.
Since it's been running for 146 days now, my original spends have all expired, and I've replaced them, and I continue to add to them.
TG for small miracles eh?
RAF launched just at the right time for me.

Nice to keep up to date with their News Wire also:
Processor ID Approvals
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 18, 2013 
All "Payment Processor IDs" submitted up to 11th February are reviewed and either approved or rejected as applicable.


Sol-R Energy: decided to compound my earnings again today, so when I cash out tomorrow, my payout will be a bit higher than before.
Still lovin those Instant Payments too! YaY!




Henry said...

Yes Judie, It's all going well and I commend your sparing and accurate recommendations with regard to programmes to invest in...

Frankly, iv'e stopped following anyone but you - don't the law of averages, some of them will fail...but your successes are Mega.



blondie said...

Awww Thanks Henry :)

Yeah, we all get caught with our pants down from time to time but that's bound to happen, even for the best out there.

I did miss a couple of good ones last year but what I did find seems to be working out just great.

So happy you found me too.
Always enjoy hearing from you.
Cheers Friend :)

HermitJim said...

With the success I've been having with RAF, I better get into some more of your picks.

Thanks for all the good info you always pass on!

blondie said...

Hi Jim,
RAF is an exception.
HYIP's for instance, you're better off getting in at the very start.
Yes the 2 I have listed are doing great but you may want to wait for the next one (wink).
Cheers w/coffee :)

Randy V said...


I look forward to the music so keep it coming. You know how we feel about the good "oldies". Enjoyed the Monkees yesterday and we both love the Beatles.

Hope you are having a great week!


blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Thanks and I wrote about you the other day. A week ago maybe?

Did your SBC account get hacked?
I got a spam from you and I know you don't just send out links, lol

Happy Tuesday!

Randy V said...

It may have Judy. I don't use that one anymore but I go there every once in a while. I noticed a lot of messages that were returned and ones that I never sent. If you get anything from the sbc account, just ignore it. I will send it from my AOL or gmail account.

Thanks for letting me know.

Happy Tuesday to you!

blondie said...

I thought that's the one you pay for Randy?
Anyway yes, that's happened to me before too. Sad about the hackers.

OK, will ignore that stuff from now on.

Plus, I knew you would never just send out a link like that, being the 'talker' that you are, LOL
Night :)