Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sol-R Energy: got paid again today from Sol-R and here are the results from the Testimonial Contest. Congrats to all the Winners!!

The time has come to announce the winners of our testimonial contest!
There was an amazing turnout with well over 100 entries and maxivotes.
The turnout was so great in fact that we had to have a draw, so we have 6 winners instead of 5.

Without further delay, here are the winners and their prizes.
1. Surfluv - $250
2. alzander - $50
3. ebusiness - $50
4. joker3gsm - $50
5. cutetabby - $50
6. jarrettcomm - $50

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that contributed.

Please keep maxivoting and keep watching out for our newsletters, I have a feeling there's more contests to come!

Thank you,
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.

RAF and ismAI: earlier today went searching for updates in the "RAF Official NewsWire" but found none.
So I proceeded to their FaceBook page which (IMO) has turned into a big mess. Too many posts not relative to the programs. Spam and support tickets and general chit chat. Hard to find Admin Updates when you want them.
- Returned to FB just now and found the note below... but shouldn't that have been posted in the NewsWire blog?
I mean... isn't that why the blog was created?
I'll mention it to Richard unless someone else already has.
(Not trying to sound bitchy but members should have one good place to find the latest updates. Don't you think?)

Russell Chapman
We are in the process of writing & testing February phase 1 update to the RAF code.
Completing and testing this is our top priority. Next week we will be writing phase 2 update.
These updates are essential to improve security, reduce the number of support tickets and to give us more time to deal with your support tickets.

Oh and tomorrow I'll be doing my weekly pay request in both of the programs. I only request weekly to save the Admin's some time ;)



Anonymous said...

Re: Raf and IsmAI...You're spot on! ;)

blondie said...

Thanks mm :)

Hey, your wife watching The Bachelor this season?
Keep an eye on that "Drama Queen Pit Bull" from Denver. She's a doozie!