Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RAF Audit - Nice :)

RicanAdFunds: I was happy to read this today and I do hope the "cheaters" are stopped dead in their tracks!

RAF Audit
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 20, 2013 

I am in the process of undertaking an initial audit of all accounts on RAF. This process is for the benefit of our "honest" members and RAF.

Accounts that do not pass the "Audit Criteria" are being suspended with a suspend status of "UNDER AUDIT". Please do NOT send in a support ticket if your account is one of the above, we will complete the process as quickly as possible and re-activate valid accounts.

Each of the "UNDER AUDIT" accounts will be subject to a 100% audit. This may result in the removal of some invalid ad units and the reversal any associated referral commissions.

Russell Chapman
Rican BV Group Finance Director

As for me, I purchased 5 more Ad Units and requested a cash out also. Thanks again to R & R for all their hard work and dedication!


Strolling over to the wild side of the street...

Sol-R Energy: automatically paid myself again!
That would make it day 31 with 59 left on my first spend. So far this has been a great ride and I hope it continues the same.

UPDATE: Sol-R Newsletter and another contest:

Sorry it's been so long since our last update, we have been very busy over here improving things as always. 
Since our last update we have had many new members and lots more joining each day. So I want to say a big Welcome! to our new members and a thank you to everyone!

We have a new contest starting today but I'll start by announcing our new Video Guides section.
You can now click the "Video Guides" link in the header at to view our video tutorials. Currently we have a video on the Registration process but are working on others. Please contact support if you have a specific request for a video.

Now the announcement of our contest!
This is very simple.
Each day stop by, click the MaxiVote image in the sidebar and vote for us making sure to include your Sol-R Username.
Then head over to one of our forum threads on MMG or TalkGold and post up that you MaxiVoted!
Each day we will randomly select 1 member from the list of voters to receive a $20 bonus. We will announce winners that were chosen in our newsletter updates which will be sent out once or twice a week.
This will run for 2 weeks, ending on March 6th, 2013.

Only 1 vote per day per member will be counted. Additional votes in a 24 hour period are discouraged and won't be counted.

Here are our thread URLs:

Thank You and Start MaxiVoting!

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team


xGolding: received the payments I requested yesterday.
So that puts me at 78% ROI on my first spend there.
We have a quiet Admin here but no complaints.


ProfitClicking: well, what can I say? Geez

We have an exciting announcement!

Over the next few weeks, we will be implementing several improvements to enhance your overall experience as a Profit Clicking member.

The first is the release of our PC Gift Cards. The response has been AMAZING! Emails have been pouring in on how this is building your teams and helping new members get started in record numbers.

The second is our move toward automation and increased personalized support. We will begin modifying our support system by temporarily closing Abby’s Open House and the 24/7 Welcome Room. To specialize and service your needs, we are committing staff and resources to the Live Chat. .

Stay tuned as we continue to improve your experience and maintain Profit Clicking’s personal touch.

Remember! This is the month of love and we want everyone to be a PC Giver!

I have been a PC giver and have given out some Gift Cards. Now maybe PC should start giving back to members as well? Like pending payouts maybe? (cough)


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