Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wiggin Out Sunday

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I heard that my blog disappeared for a few hours during the night. About gave me a heart attack when someone told me.
But by the time I checked this morning, it was back and looked OK. Whew!
My friend recently showed me how to do a back-up of it so I'll start getting into the habit of doing that daily, just in case something bad were to happen.

Thanks to those who emailed me with their concerns.
Luv you guys!


Snowing like a bit** here today. Windy as heck and blizzard warnings are out. Supposed to get 12" of snow by this evening. And watching it through my window... I don't doubt that one bit.


Someone asked me about ClickPaid this morning.
Is it passive?
Yes it is passive earnings on the Click Packages purchased, but you must click 3 Advertisements per day in order to earn.
- Click Packages are $10 each.
- You get 1000 credits for each Click Pkg purchased.
- Earnings are $.20 week days and $.10 weekends for each CP you have.
- Referral Comm's are 10% 1st level and 5% 2nd level.
- Says in the FAQ's that payouts are instant. (well, we'll see about that when the time comes, lol)
- Accepts Payza, STP, EgoPay, PM and LR.

OK, I guess that's the basic stuff that folks want to know.
Yes, we can all see Frederick Mann's name on the site and personally I am happy about that. When JBP's Tripler was running, it did very well the first year or more, so I'm anxious to give this new one a chance.

I do wish they'd make the site more responsive though.
Their support system doesn't work, people are having trouble trying to register, and some are having trouble logging in after they register.
Let's just hope that these little problems are resolved before launch day since there's quite a good group ready to jump in and purchase.


Been having withdrawal symptoms waiting for RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome to come back.
I know everything will be fine when it's Open again but in the meantime, I'm getting really hungry for it.


Sol-R Energy: 35/55
That's my stats for days completed / days left to go.
Still lovin the Instant Payments!


ProfitClicking: there's a new "Green Light System" in PC that they say has been implemented but I don't think it's working yet.
Heck, we've waited this long for withdrawals so another few days (or months?) won't kill us... I hope.


This has got to be our biggest snow storm of the year!
Wonder if it'll be the last or not? Brrrr!


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie. I dont know u are in banners broker or not. But I dont see any banner of bb in your blog which suggests that u are not in bb. I am surprised by that :)
You were in justbeenpaid which got scammed :)
I am doing bb from last 2 years i think and earning a bit from it :)

blondie said...

You are correct.
I am not in banners broker.
That's one of the good ones that I missed but am not going to join it as this late date.

JBP has not scammed.
PC bought it out and it's still there. Just waiting to see what their next step is.


Elmer said...

Smart decision on BB as it looks too late to join now. Cult like behavior from members is in full swing. Many are seeing problems with withdraws and these public meetings in the UK means that this one is on the radar.

blondie said...

Thank you Elmer
And we've seen that cult like behavior before, haven't we? lol
Have a good night, or day.
I'm otta here for about 12 hours.
Night :)

khanraza26 said...

Yes BB pays very late thats true and also now its a good time to join either. But BB has paid so much back to members. They pay late but they doest not restart just like jss many times, hehe....
I just want to continue chatting , chears

blondie said...

I'm sure if I had been in BB at the start, I would very happy with it.
But I wasn't and we know these types of programs all have a time limit.
Too late for me (or anyone) to join now and expect to get into profit. Don't you think?

Broker banner said...

well I think some one telling me that bb still earns 10 million a month, thats hard to beleive but we cant say its totally lie. and offcourse online work is all about risking. some time we succeed and some times not and thats how it goes. But I think from the performance of last 2 years of BB, I still think there less risk in joining BB than joining any other new site.

blondie said...

Good to hear and thanks for your opinion.
Hope it lasts a long time for you and Good Luck in all your endeavors.

Godwin Chuks said...

You are rite. I would ave joind BB also, if it were still in its early stage. PC nw is ntin bt a mess.

blondie said...

Yeah, PC is a mess.
Wonder how long before it starts being a suitable program again?

Godwin Chuks said...

I hope it comes back 2 wot we expect again. My concern was jst 4 my downline members. Am short of words to explain 2 them what d prob is. As an affiliate marketer, this has kill dia trust in me.

blondie said...

Everyone involved has the same wishes about PC Godwin.
We all want it come back.

But you can't blame yourself. You didn't know this was going to happen.

I am trying to patient and wait it out. And of course I also want to start earning there again.

Have a good day/night,
maybe tomorrow will be better at PC :)