Monday, February 11, 2013

Rescuers take 161 cats from Springs home

When I saw this on the News yesterday morning, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Went to their Facebook page today to get updated.
Was happy to hear that all the Cats (taken from the hoarder) seem to be fine and will be ready for adoption in the next week or so.
My heart goes out to those cats and TG for all the organizations involved in their rescue.
With that said, I've added a banner on my side bar for these folks. It's right under js's picture and is called "".
Also I just sent them the last $20 I had in my PayPal account.
Yep, found the "Donate" button in the "Ways To Help" link.
Feels good to know that I helped them make a difference :)


RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: from facebook:

Richard Cannon
It would appear that we are the victims of our own growth. Automatic Purchase Approval along with other updates in Phase 1 have shown that the code needs to be more efficient which was the plan for Phase 2 - this is now being worked on this week so as to have a faster more efficient script - the site will be as it is for a few more days and then we will get back to Automatic Approval by the end of the week - until then - we will manually approve purchases and all packs will get the full 125 days from the day they are approved so no earnings will be lost. Thank you again for your support and patience we really do want to make RAF batter and faster and able to accept the growth :)

Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay payments have been made - all purchases are now being approved. These will be done as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

I can't log into the sites right now but hope to soon.
Looking forward to them being updated and back to normal.

11 AM MST: was able to login to both sites. Thanks R&R!


OK, where was I? 
Oh yeah... Sol-R Energy: another instant payment under my belt.
Thanks Admin and Members :)


xGolding: just received this update and wanted to share:

Dear investors,

It is a pleasure to let you know that XGolding is celebrating seven weeks of online activity and the health of our investment pool is just neat. With over 1300 registered members and a bit over 150 thousand dollars in investments which allowed us to allocate funds in some industrial funds and already collect some profit, the total amount of investments is growing faster than the number of people joining us as you can see in the graphics here:, this shows that even though we keep a rather stable growth level measured in terms of new accounts, people are investing bigger and bigger sums in XGolding. Our first week was a little slow, probably because of Christmas and New Year's eve holidays but 2013 definitely brought a lot of power to XGolding and we are sure this will be a great year for all our investors.

We see this result as an increase of trust in XGolding, which is strongly appreciated. In a few weeks we will have our first investors collecting pure profit and we expect the curves you saw earlier to sharply develop to the top.

Also, we have just hired four online marketing specialists to help promoting XGolding. From now and on, you will certainly see our advertisements in popular blogs, forums or monitors you visit. We decided to wait a few weeks before launching this type of campaign to understand how the industry works and decide which would be the best strategy. Our goal is to double our membership and triple our total in investments in the next 6 weeks. We will be sending you bi-weekly newsletters with our status so you can follow our results.

Since we're talking about marketing, we would like to thank all our investors who have been actively promoting XGolding, over 50% of our membership has been directly referred by an active investor and even though these rates are pretty satisfactory, we want bigger numbers and will soon be launching new promotional material and opportunities for those interested in promoting XGolding. You will receive more information about it in our next newsletter.

Trust is a delicate subject and it takes time to truly trust someone and, of course, the same happens to your investments; it is absolutely natural that you are scared of investing and so were we when we first started investing in strangers' companies but time teaches you how to feel when you have a good opportunity. Some investors already trust us, some will trust us in a few weeks and some never will. This "feeling" of a good investment will come with time and you will realize how XGolding is a good opportunity like many of you have already realized. What we're trying to say is; take your time to build your trust and confidence in us but inform yourself from experienced investors and gurus, they know what they do and they know XGolding is a long runner; joining the run or watching it pass by is entirely up to you.

As usual, if you require any assistance concerning your XGolding account, don't hesitate to contact our support team, we will be glad to answer you. We will see you again in two weeks!

Best regards,
William J. Leder



BangkokMike said...

Hi Judy
Can we say that RAF has Income from an Outside Source - either directly or maybe from ism ?

Brad Tramell said...

Hi again :D I had a question, i am in the ism magic program, and my wizard membership expired to day, I have plenty of points to make a "earned upgrade like I usually do, but it won't let me upgrade, and just keeps taking me to a pure white page that says "Forbidden

You don't have permission to access /features.html on this server. :( Do you have any info on this situation? Thanks so much :D

blondie said...

Mike, I don't know.
They did mention 'Rican Travel' coming soon so that's a plus.
Other than that, I'd have to dig deeper into their websites.

Brad, heard about that problem yesterday and tried it myself.
Got the same error as others.
I would think that's one of the 'codes' that still needs to be fixed so that we can continue.
I wouldn't worry too much about it and I'm sure it'll get corrected before too long.