Monday, February 4, 2013


Even though the Superbowl didn't turn out like I wanted it to, did have fun at the party at my Son's house.
He did a football pool where we all bought in with Lottery tickets. I won the 2nd quarter for 25 $1 tickets.
There was a college student at the party also, studying to be a Doctor. So I let her scratch the tickets and we won a whopping $11.
Told her to keep it and buy herself a lunch or two with it.
College sure is expensive these days!

So glad I added a link to the RAF Official NewsWire here. Now if we could just get the Admins to use it would be even better, lol. Found this update in their FaceBook page posted abut 5 hours ago:

Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay payments have been made ( apart from a few where we are still verifying accounts on LR) - You will have noticed that payments appeared approved before having the funds in your accounts - if you check now all funds are in your accounts - all manual payments (PM) will be paid later. :)

Sol-R Energy: paid again Instantly after request!

xGolding: requested payment and noticed my first spend has already 'paid back' 56% of what I put in. Nice :)
* and PAID within minutes!
Must have caught the Admin at his desk!


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