Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Program: Click Paid by Frederick Mann

Just so you know, I am aware of the new program "Click Paid" and listened to Frederick's first call about it last night.
They were in a test launch (sort of) then flushed all the members out of the system for the real pre-launch.
It's supposed to be "live" today (the pre-launch), but there is a major problem with referral links.
So I am going to wait a bit before joining and hope that it gets resolved soon.
Would hate to sign up under the person of my choice and have someone else get the credit. Ya know?
PS, the official Launch isn't until next Wednesday, so there's no hurry to join regardless of what the big promoters tell you... unless you're a big promoter yourself. But if you join now, you could be losing referrals. Just sayin. 


RicanAdFunds: in case you didn't read their news:

RAF Server & Code Updates
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 21, 2013

Due to an unforeseen issue regarding server security and code updates, the server may be down for a further 24 hours.
Earnings will be run for today so you will receive the normal profit share and your income will be as it should.
RAF will resume normal service sometime tomorrow.

Thanks for the update Russell :)
Oh and I was paid my weekly withdrawal request this morning.
Thanks for the payment Richard!


Sol-R Energy: received another instant payment!
Thanks Admin and members.


xGolding: letting it ride today and will cash out tomorrow.


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