Friday, February 22, 2013

The New "ClickPaid" and more ...

RicanAdFunds & ismAdsIncome: I assume you all read the latest update from the News Wire? (Remember it's on my side bar for easy access.)

Site Security & Code Encryption
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 22, 2013

We appreciate that member's are keen for the site to be up again, but are aware of a previous security issue that has recurred.

For the benefit of all we are assessing various encryption options and the site will remain down until all the code is encrypted.

This may take until Tuesday 26th February.

Alrighty then.
Will feel lost until Tuesday but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.


Update on ClickPaid: after realizing there was a problem with referral links, then reading what some others were saying about it, I held off joining to give it more thought.
But now I've decided to go with my original gut feeling and give it a chance.

Sure we all know that Frederick Mann was supposed to be "retired", but maybe he just retired from JustBeenPaid?
I certainly don't have any hard feelings about JBP or Frederick. While things were good, they were very good so I forgive whoever or whatever made them go sour.

Now do you remember when JBP started and then they opened "The Tripler", things were great and payouts were daily (if we wanted them to be). And they stayed great for a really long time. Now I believe Mr Mann was the man behind that so who's to say that his new one can't be as good or better than JBP in it's early stages?

Well, there's only one way to find out. Join and get involved and see where it goes, right?

Now unlike some other 'promoters', I do encourage you to use common sense  when adding funds (when it's available). Don't go crazy or spend any money that you can't afford to lose.

Yeah I know I'm repeating myself but I need to know, that you know, it may or may not work out.
But if it does work out, we could all be doing very well with ClickPaid.

So with that said...
After cleaning out your browser cookies and cache, (I think that was one of the problems with the ref links, but not 100% sure),
Here's my New Link:

Once the page opens, you should see:

You Are Referred By blondie

If you don't see it, then something went wrong so please try again.

If you do get through and Register, check your Spam Folder for your email with the Activation Link. That's where mine went.

I do believe this will be very similar to JBP.
You will need to Surf Daily in order to earn.
But the way it reads, you could be paid a lot faster!

It doesn't Officially Open until next Wednesday so if you need some time to check it out, read the FAQ's and the Terms, please do so, so that you know what you're getting into and there are no surprises :)


I'll be back tomorrow with more updates.
Was a busy day for me today so am running out of 'brain juice' at the moment.




I tried your link several times but I could not get into Click Paid. I tried with Google Crome too but it didn't work either. I just wanted to check it out. I will try again tomorrow. I also tried to just type in the main site and it didn't work either so its not your link...guess they are having some technical difficulities right now.

Have a great weekend!


blondie said...

Hey Randy,
You were posting as I was adding a Beatles song. WoW!

Yes try again tomorrow and if you need any help getting started, please let me know.

I did hear the site was acting goofy today but since we're in no hurry, let's check again this weekend.

Have a Wonderful Evening!

BangkokMike said...

You said> "you could be paid a lot faster!"
PC has not paid anything for months.
And many believe that FM never sold JBP - that he is Responsible for PC.
Many are not Trusting FM anymore no matter his good track record in JBP early days - JBP was destined to die the way of all HIYPs.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you realy think of this program Its from Frederick Mann.... Only because of somebody write his name on the front of a website...? This site is as you can see only a copy of the real site (ProfitClicking). Clickpaid is just à parody fraud it has nothing to do with the origin Frederick Mann

He only makes programs Associated with ProfitClicking not with any new unofficial website that anybody could make and share on à forum like MMG or Talkgold..

Clickpaid is fake. ProfitClicking is THE program from Frederick Mann dont loose your Faith!

Best Regards,

Borg said...

Hey Blondie,

I also tried the link: and your referral link but with no success.

If Frederick Mann is indeed in charge of this website, there might be a chance...but who knows.

Best of luck


blondie said...

We all know nothing lasts forever but if it can give a little 'sunshine' while it's here, why not?

No, not just cause of the home page. I listened to the call on Wed night. Yep, same guy from JBP.
So you either take it or leave it.
Don't do anything you're not comfortable with.
I'm OK with giving it a try.

Try shutting down your PC and Modem completely. Unplug it all, wait a few, then try again.

That's happened to me in the past and unplugging did the trick.

Hope to see you there too.
Hey, it's only money and we only live once. Why not have fun while we're here? LOL

blondie said...

Gab, I see you got in since you sent the note.

Randy V, I see you there too.
Thanks to you also :)

Borg said...


After trying to access the website with a proxy (, I was able to visit the website and sign up under you.

I think this is rather strange. Either my ISP has blocked it or perhaps it's only allowed to users within certain countries?

PS: I used an American Proxy.


blondie said...

I think there's more to it than that, but I could be wrong.
My Upline is from Canada.
He registered, I got his link, and joined just fine.
Today, he can't get the site to come up either.
So there's definitely a problem but not sure what it could be.
Thanks again :)