Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Replacements

Let me start with some updates and see where it goes.

RAF and ismAI:
- This was posted earlier today in their facebook page:

Richard Cannon
All Valid Mass Pay withdrawal request have been paid - manual ones will follow soon.
Then I will be concentrating the rest of the day on support issues :)

- And this was posted in their new RAF Official NewsWire blog:

Invalid Liberty Reserve & PErfect Money Processor IDs
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 07, 2013
All Liberty Reserve & Perfect Money Accounts that are not in the correct format of Unnnnnnn where n is an number are being deleted from the database.
Please note when adding an LR or PM processor ID the U must be upper case.

- back to me.
Yesterday I requested a payment from both RAF and ISM and was already paid when I woke up today. YaY!!!
Also purchased 10 more Ad Units in RAF to replace the expiring ones.
And... did you notice the RAF stats? (whoo hoo)

Online Days: 135 days
Total Members: 27003
Total Paid: $4 663 653.74
Users Online: 146
Purchases: $6 202 020.00

New News:

E-Wallet Update:
1. The ismMagic server move is complete.
2. The RAF Phase 1 update should be completed tomorrow (Fri 8th Feb)
When that is done the E-Wallet will be re-enabled.

Sol-R Energy: doing great and have been cashing out my daily 2.2% like clockwork!

xGolding: am going to request a payment later today that should be paid by tomorrow. Don't want to wait until after the long weekend.

ProfitClicking: the withdraw queue is still open for business and I'm sure members are stacking requests in there daily. What will come of them? Hard to tell at this point and I don't like to make guesses.

The Replacements: besides being an excellent Movie I was thinking about replacements today. They always seem to appear at just the right time for me.

About three years ago I was having a dry spell. Nothing happening and not much money coming in.

A few months later (Aug. 2010) I was contacted about joining and promoting ad2million. I did join, I did share, and I did very well with it.

Several months later (Apr. 2011) I joined JustBeenPaid. I started with a small amount in the Tripler and built it up to a good level.
By that time, ad2million was losing it's popularity (by not paying) so JBP was my replacement.

On Aug 18th, 2012 I joined ismAdsIncome.
On Aug 19th, 2012 I received my final "regular" payment from JBP. (Whoa! Didn't realize the timing on that until I wrote it down just now)

On Aug 21st (or so), JBP announced Frederick Mann was retiring and ProfitClicking would be our new site. Payments stopped coming at that time for almost two months. It was well into Oct before I saw any new cash.

But on Sept 25th I joined RicanAdFunds. Another replacement for the regular (and very much missed) JBP earnings.

So what I'm trying to say here is, although I don't join every single program that opens (that would be suicide) I do, do my homework and join what looks to be the most promising to me for the long haul. And I feel I've been pretty lucky lately too.

My "Replacements" seem to have magically appeared just when I need them most. Strange isn't it?

(ps, HYIP's not included, lol)


Pam Mwantep said...

Very informative post. I have long decided to follow your footsteps.

blondie said...

Thanks Pam,
Hope you enjoyed the song too.
It got me kind of motivated last night, lol