Friday, February 8, 2013

Have No Fear...

RicanAdFunds is Here
From Admin Russell:
"RAF will be down for a short period from 15:00 (UCT) today while load the Feb Phase 1 update."

And if you're still waiting on Pay Processor approval:
Richard Cannon: Russell Chapman is working on all the due PP approvals right now.

Great to see them using the News Wire (yay!)
Plus it saves me (and you) a lot of time searching for updates.

"February Phase 1 Updates
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 08, 2013
RAF site is back up.
February Phase 1 updates are complete."

Wow! That didn't take long! TGIF :)

OK, one more Update then you're on your own, lol

Russell ISMmagic The E-wallet is back, although we still have to fix the bonus Magic Points on purchases via processors IDs. These will be added manually in the meanwhile, please do NOT send in support tickets about it.

Sol-R Energy: today's payment requested and received instantly, as always :) Great job Admin!

xGolding: received yesterday's withdraw requests overnight, so I'm all done for the week and will get back to it on Monday.

ProfitClicking: just added 5 more withdraw requests to the queue. But I can't help but wonder... why are they letting us do this?
The last time we had queue requests waiting, they all got cancelled so we could start over fresh. I took it in the shorts on that one since my oldest request was from Oct 1st and never paid.
But anyway, just wanted to tell you what was going on.



HermitJim said...

Thanks for the timely update, sweetie!

Just took advantage of the compounding feature this morning and got another ad package!

blondie said...

That's the way to do it Jim.
Glad I finally got you involved!

I'll check in with you later.
Did you get your PC fixed or working off an old laptop still?

Happy Friday :)