Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ground Hog Day

Groundhog Day 2013:
'Punxsutawney Phil' Predicts Early Spring

Need I say more?

RAF and ISM:
Looks like a lot was happening while I was sleeping.
Here's some Updates from both Richard and Russell about the site being temporarily down and the Wallet being turned off for a few days:

Russell Chapman
Trying to contact our server support team (but it is 6am here) to see why RAF, ismMagic and ismAdsIncome are offline.

I know the server is up so it may be a cloudflare issue, some change were being made to those settings last night.

Richard Cannon
We were working on the servers about midnight last night which in itself should not have caused a problem but it would appear that some process or processes did not restart correctly and we are working with our server support to get the sites back up - we are very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you again for your patience and support :)

Russell Chapman
RAF, ismAI, ismMagic sites are back up.

Richard Cannon
Please remember what I have always said - 'I never said we would never have problems or issues, all businesses, especially online, have them but I do say that we will always resolve them. The site is back up now and we are investigating 'Detective Cannon' to find out what brought the system down. We feel our members need to know what happens because it is only people don't know what is happening that they worry. Again, thank you for all you do :)

Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay payments have been processed - all manual (PM) will be done today. Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Russell ISMmagic
ismMagic is being moved to new server next Tuesday.
In preparation of this server move the ismRican e-wallet will disabled until then.

Me: Bummer. I was going to use the Wallet today.
Ah well, next week is good too :)
PS, love their updates. Just wish they were all in one place.

Sol-R Energy: paid myself again today. Forgot to yesterday so today's was twice as nice :)

xGolding: no daily earnings over the weekend, which is normal. Will check on Monday.

ProfitClicking: is it just me or does the site seem to be on Dial-Up today? Anyway, I updated my Level 1 membership for another month. No big deal since we can use our Wallet dollars and I have plenty of those :o

Also just sent someone a gift card for $100.00
If we can ever make profit here again, I'll feel good about that. If not, well... it's the thought that counts right?

Replaced my Furnace Filter today so it should be good for another 3 months. And according to "Phil", I may not need it any longer than that, lol
Another exciting day in the Life of Blondie :D


Brad Tramell said...

Howdy there, I had a quick question, if you might be able to help me out? In Rican Ad Funds, you purchase a package for $15 and it pays you .30 cents a day for 125 days, is this correct? Thanks for your help :D

blondie said...

That is correct Brad.
And once your account gets to $15, you can use it to re-purchase or withdraw. It's that simple :)

Randy V said...

Love the music and I really like the funny videos they made.

By the way...Grandbaby # 5 will be here in September. Things will be exciting here for the next several months.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for? I know the Broncos should be there but maybe next year!


blondie said...


Congrats on the next Grandbaby! Wow #5. I can hardly keep up with one.

I think I have to root for the 49'ers since my daughter in law is from California :)
It really doesn't matter much to me who wins, since the Bronco's are out of it.

Have a great day!