Thursday, September 1, 2011

All Summer Long

--- What a Hot Summer it's been here. Do you know that Colorado broke a record (set in the early 1900's) in August for the most number of days with the Temperature in the 90's! I will be SO glad when summer is over, LOL 

--- JBP-JSS: more waiting (sigh)
"We're now very close to completing step 1 of our plan to move to new servers. Our chief programmer reports that we'll get their tomorrow (Thursday) for sure.
The new JBP will not enable members to buy referrals (downline members). In the old JBP there are still some referral orders that haven't been filled. We'll 
be paying refunds in all these cases."
So according to their plan, we should at least be able to log into JBP sometime today. Just for viewing, nothing else at this point.

The following days (steps) will allow us to fund JSS accounts and then buy Triplers. (and withdraw of course :) Anxious to see what the RSF (ReStart Feature) did to my account, and I'm sure you are too.

--- While waiting for more action in JBP, decided to put my new toilet seat on today. Look at these!
Didn't know you could get them with Cat Faces.
No, I did NOT buy one of those. They want $100.75 for them! Bought my plain one at Ace Hardware for $14.99. Anyway, now I can enjoy nice new soft vinyl seating without the cracks. (until my butt gets there that is :)

--- GrandBankClub: Gord's back in his control panel doing his thing. And I got another $25 from GBC today for purchasing a new K-Game 40 board position (at least I think that's why I got it). Ah well, never look a gift horse in the mouth eh? (That Gord, always doing something new to keep us entertained) 

--- Bi-24: Ivan sent out a really good update yesterday and part of that was:
Happy 1 month anniversary. Today we celebrate our first month of operations. In general, this was a month of accomplishments. Our challenges made us stronger and now we stand in a very strong position. We gained more than 800 members and more than $40K in Ad Unit sales. We have the best membership and its support level is tremendous.
As I mentioned yesterday, I did purchase 10 new AdUnits to keep the fire burning for those cold winter months that will soon be here.

--- What ever happened to Spring and Fall anyway? Seems we go from Summer to Winter then back to Summer. Hmmm

--- CWC: don't forget to mark your calendar for the Tornado coming on Saturday. You don't have to play if you don't want to. I like playing myself just to stay involved and keep tabs on that's goin on. Plus whatever I don't cycle to the end, gets sent to my main CWC Token area. Also whatever I spend cycles everyone else, not just me. Lookin forward to a good time.
* PS, got Paid from CWC today also. YaY! 



Ivy said...

Hi Ms Judy!

Here in the Philippines, it's raining everyday. Some places are flooded. Some people living at the northern part of the country lost thier homes and some are victims of landslides. :(
By the way, I'm a bit confused about the tornado at CWC.. What will happen to the position I got when I joined the first tornado? Thanks for you help. ♥

blondie said...

Ivy that sounds awful :(
Hope it all gets better and soon!

If your first Tornado purchase didn't cycle through, it's now in your regular CWC account.
After you log in where it shows your Total Positions: 123
To the right of that, click on View Positions and you'll see you have more than what's shown.
OR click on PSS next to the Log Out button.
Hope that helped.

Diva said...

Hey Judy,

We're breaking the same records here in Kansas, but for days over 100! I am SOOOO ready for fall! I think we were 107 yesterday. ):


blondie said...

Whats odd here is, we never hit 100 this summer. 97, 98, 99 steady though. Yeah, it's touch w/o AC :)

Hang in there, Fall is coming!