Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Already :(

--- Investment-Tracker Forum: just a reminder that there's a new forum to chat in, promote in, or just read up on your favorite program listings. Noticed it's up to 220 members already which is a good start for a new forum. Oh and weekly advertising is really cheap too, LOL. Check it out:

--- JBP-JSS: missed the morning conf. call, but someone in the forum said that Carl announced the Tripler should be back 100% sometime today* so we can buy new positions if we choose. I might buy a few new since I have $40 sitting in my JSS account. Still anxious to see what the "Restart" does to us.
* Nope. Not today. Server issues. Will check again in the morning.
** Tuesday: site not available. Update said they're working on it. 

--- Bi-24: moving right along and by the end of today, when we cycle, that will be my "seed money" back on the first positions I bought. Can't believe it's been 50 days already. Great Job Ivan and members! 

--- CWC: nothing cycled for me last night but you gotta remember this is a Profit Share with currently over 25K in positions. It takes a while to get through all those. Patience my friends, patience.
** Tuesday: cycled up to position no. 19827

--- GBC: you do realize that's a surf site too, right? I've been surfing daily, racking up those 40 credits per day... but recently they've been getting used up faster than the norm. Could be more people are using GBC as an Advertising site these days. It's all good and works like a charm.

--- GlobalSurfPro: still surfing there daily also and have plenty of credits to prove it, lol. Wonder if Kent will wind-up this site when he starts his new one. He hinted at a new program but I haven't heard anything since then. So we wait.

--- Hey I gotta clean my house today. I got a Roofer coming over tomorrow morning to take some measurements for my new roof. It's going to be cool outside so we'll probably end up talking in the kitchen, which needs cleaning really bad. So off I go for the day.

--- Reading suggestion for today: GordsHomeBiz. Good article on Forums, getting information and trouble makers. Thanks Gord, couldn't agree with you more :)


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