Wednesday, September 21, 2011


--- Couldn't help but smile when I saw this song posted in a forum relating to JBP-JSS :)  

Now if you recall, one of the first emails we got from Fred after one of the first delays said something like ... 'Well we thought this would only take 3 days but you know how programmers are. They can take 10 times longer than what they say they will.' 
Do you remember that? So that being said, the site went 'down' around Aug 25th, you think maybe Fred was just trying to prepare us in advance for the long wait? Think about it.
PS, word on the street is the Tripler could be up this afternoon EST, (or tomorrow) LOL.

--- Bi-24: in the meantime, everyone sure seems to love Bi-24. 2% Daily. Repurchases available 3x per week. 7% RC from outside spends. Fast payments. AP CC option for purchases and a great Admin. So what's not to love? 
Still waiting for that strategy to be posted on the site. I heard it's being tweaked so it should be there soon.


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