Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not Much New To Report Today

--- JBP-JSS: hope you were able to get logged in OK using your new Member ID that they assigned to each of us. Nothing new since then to report. The next order of business is getting the "Referrals", "Marketing" and "JSS" links active. So we wait.
-- If you did NOT get your ID yet, go here
and click on where it says: NEW! What is My Member ID?
Then enter the email you used in your JBP registration.
Mine came immediately. Hope yours does too.

--- Bi-24: 2% daily continues rolling in every day as anticipated, and I know you all are enjoying it :) 

--- CWC: cycled a few PSS spots this morning ending in # 5069, and another player reported her cycles ending in # 6438. So if you're keeping a watchful eye looking for your own to happen, there ya go.

--- I posted about this late last night so wasn't sure if you caught it or not. There is a Cool New Forum coming to town run by an Admin that we all know and love. It's scheduled to Open on Sept 10th so of course I'll show it to you then and add the banner to my side bar. You're gonna like the way it looks. It has this warm Welcome feeling to it. Soothing in a way.
Plus am sure the Admin will keep the pesky posters out too. Some of those nut cases sure try to ruin your day. But being as old as I am, I can pretty much handle all the sticks and stones that the kids like to throw at others. So for me, it's in one ear and out the other...but that's just me.

--- Prayers to my good friend Gord and his family after a recent loss of a loved one. He's been keeping up with things here but I know it must be hard to focus when there is such grief to deal with. Thinking about you Gord, we miss you dearly.



Admin said...

Hi! I did not reaceive my ID for 2 days now and I did not get any news mail like some poeple said they do get...

What should I do now? Please help me if possible. I am one of your referals.

blondie said...

I'll just put some info in my post today. Gimme a sec.

Admin said...

I already did that 5times... JUSTBEENPAID says they have sent it but I really did not receive any e.mail from them...

blondie said...

Updated Fridays post just for you :)