Friday, September 16, 2011


--- JBP-JSS: caught the morning call today and Carl sounded really tired. He did say the withdrawal requests from JSS made on or before Aug 24th should start going out soon. Also we should be able to Fund our JSS accounts soon. Also the Tripler should be up soon. Also we should be able to buy into the Tripler soon (tomorrow maybe?). Also, the re-start will happen soon after everything else is up and running. So yes, the word "soon" is the key word here.
I doubt very much that I'm going to do anything until after the re-start to see what happened to my Tripler and JSS positions. Once I get a handle on it all, and it makes sense, then I can plan from that point on.
Then again, if I get excited enough, I might jump back in sooner. Guess it all depends on my gut feeling for the day, and my gut has been pretty reliable lately :)

--- Bi-24: kicking out that 2% daily like a well oiled machine. Let me check the calendar. Looks like today is 47 days of steady 2% cycling. So that equates to 94% of my original spend back. WooHoo! Time flies when you're having fun eh? LOL
I read that Ivan has picked a Winner for the Strategy Contest, who's strategy is quite good. I got really involved looking at the numbers and wishing I had thought it out more from the get go myself. Anyway Congrats to the Winner and am looking forward to seeing it posted on the site.

--- CWC: have you had a chance to view the Centurion Wealth Hub yet? What do you think about it? Do you see what I'm seeing at all? Oh I guess I better tell you what I'm seeing first eh? hehe

-- New Feeder for the main CWC program.
-- For a $15 monthly subscription fee...
-- Get your own Hub page where you can promote up to 5 businesses.
-- Hub Commission on direct referrals: $3
-- Hub Bonus from your direct ref's recruits: $2
-- Everyone in your 'family' (I'll call it) 5 levels deep will also earn you $1 per person who continues to be active (paid).
-- First Month FREE to try it out.
-- Co-op for getting Referrals if you need help.
Now here's the part I really like...
-- Stacking Option - you can stack your new referrals under existing referrals. Then the existing ref's will ALSO receive the $1 Hub Leverage each month the new member stays active (paid).
-- YOU will also receive the $1 Hub Leverage on that same person, as long as that person is in your "family" of 5 levels.

So what do you think? Is that cool or what??
Those who are into team builds and/or helping others in a pay-it-forward sort of fashion, should really enjoy this. Also makes me think it will bring out the passion some of you have for sharing of your own good fortune.
Personally, I'm anxious as hell to see the member area in the new back office of the HUB. But unfortunately, Larry tells me it could be about a week before it's ready to rumble.
Questions, comments or concerns?
You know where to find me :)

--- Is Friday the Official SPAM day? Seems I've deleted an awful lot of SPAM today.
Maybe all the crooks are just getting their 2 cents in before the weekend. Sheesh!


gordboehler said...

Hi Judy,

I like your closing "Spam" remark.
No one likes to receive it, you shouldn't send it and did you ever read what makes up that stuff in the can. Not good for you

The nites are cooling down here up north with fall around the corner. Keepin the heat turned off for now while me and the Missus stay warm sleeping in the same nightdress.


blondie said...

Ohhhh let me guess ... Chicken Lips in the Spam?

Same Nightdress?
You don't keep anything 'under cover' do you? LOL

Welcome Back Gord!