Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Tripler is Back

--- JBP-JSS: the Tripler is now OPEN for new spends. About time! You can purchase from fresh money and/or your account balance. But you cannot withdraw anything yet. That's one of the next steps on their list.
I wasn't sure what I would do when it reopened, but I decided today to go ahead and purchase some new Triplers to get the ball rolling. I'm getting quite a few RC notices which leads me to believe that everyone was ready to get it going again, plus I don't like feeling left out :)
So going down the list, withdraw's will be open soon, then in 2-4 days, the Restart. In the meantime, happy cycling once again. YaY! 

--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: I just love saying that, hehe. Just purchased 5 new Ad Units for myself. Also requested a payout which I'm sure will arrive soon. That's a good thing since I just had the "gutter guy" take measurements for my future new gutters. Was shocked to hear they cost something like $3.50 per foot, ouch! So Thanks to Ivan, Bi-24 and all members for giving me a helping hand with that one. I DO put my money to good use, LOL

--- CWC: cycled a few there today also, ending in number 20808. Other than that, just waiting to see the new Hub when it opens. I've never had much luck in MLM's, but this time I'll be sharing something that makes sense for those of us who have more than one program to share.

--- GlobalSurfPro: Kent has decided to close to new members as of today. If you're in the Surf plan, continue surfing until the end of your term and you will be paid.
He's working on a new "cycler" idea and will share more with us later down the road, (within the next week perhaps).
I've had a fun and profitable time at GSP and would not hesitate to join another new program run by Kent. He's earned a 'thumbs-up' in my book. Stay tuned for more info on that :)

--- I'm sitting here reading what I wrote and it sounds way too serious for me. Well, am not feeling all that well today and have been trying everything to make it go away. Finally decided on a glass of warm milk, and that seemed to help quite a bit. I'll do my best to be back to normal tomorrow. If not, just shoot me :( 


Norbert's Traffic said...

Hi Judy,

That's what I do when I'm not felling that good I drink a glass of hot milk and I put 5 or 6 teaspoons of sugar in it then I go to bed it works for me.

blondie said...

Hi Norbert,
The milk worked real good without all that sugar.
Took the entire day to feel better though.
Doing good today :)