Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Tornado Is Here

--- Having fun Cycling in the CWC Tornado this morning. I got in right at the start and have already repurchased a few positions. I'm not the greedy type and if I see a little profit, I'll re-spend the extra to keep the cycling moving for others. Are you playing? Are you having fun? 

--- JBP-JSS: noticed there was no email today about it coming back, so I listened to Carl for a few minutes this morning. He said they tried to get it up and running last night but realized there was still a problem that needed fixing. So now he says TODAY should be the day. OK, waiting :)
Received this afternoon:
More progress was made yesterday, but still not enough to responsibly "flick the switch" which redirects all traffic to the new server.
The general security of the new system will be considerably improved due to the use of a so-called "Member ID" INSTEAD of your username to log into the new JBP member area. When we switch over, look for details on the new site for how to have your Member ID and password sent to you via E-mail.
This security enhancement is significant, because any potential thieves wanting access to your JBP member area won't have a clue how to figure out your Member ID. It will not be provided to third parties as your username has been in the past by advertising your affiliate websites.
I again apologize for the delays. Once we've completed step 1, there should be fewer delays in completing most of theother steps on:
Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann

--- Hey I'm actually wearing long pants today and lovin it! I even put on socks to keep my feets warm. Yes, it's that cool here today. YaY!

--- Bi-24: am about ready for a cash out request, but will wait till later after my 2% earnings have hit my account for the day.


--- Here in the U.S., medical insurance is very expensive these days. But if you don't have it, then get sick or injured and need to be hospitalized, but can't pay the bill ... they can put a "lien" on everything you own to pay that bill. Do you realize that? Pretty screwed up if you ask me.
I hope I die at home peacefully in my sleep, so the only cost to anyone would be my cremation. Oh and a party afterwards of course. Who's bringing the Keg? LOL

Pay attention to this Video if you're older. (if it doesn't make you dizzy that is.) Lots of familiar faces in there.

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