Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Step By Step

--- JBP-JSS: Progress! YaY!

We're moving forward with step 1 on:

If you access
and you click "Existing members log in here," you're taken to the new server. You'll see what you need to do to get your ID# to log in.

Then you can log into your account.
You can update your profile. Some important security features have been added regarding changing your email
address and AlertPay address

- So today (so far) all you can do is get your Member ID# then login and update your profile. I tried clicking on the other tabs (just for grins) but nothing else is active yet. We're gettin there!
-- Will Beaver (also a blogger) just updated that he was in the JBP conference room and Ann mentioned that Carl is starting to work on Step 2.
2. Members can fund JSS accounts --
probably just one day after step one
is completed. As part of this step,
we expect to pay valid withdrawals
already submitted but not yet paid.

I don't know about you, but I'm just anxious to see my Member Area to get a handle on how this re-start effected my own account. Ya know?

--- CWC: new blog post there today about the last Tornado results and the new upcoming Residual Income plan. I'm really interested to see what Larry has come up with for this. Go log in and read the update so we're on the same page. I'd post it here, but it's a nice long one.

---  Bi-24: over 900 members as I write this. Growing at a nice steady pace with all the active members earning 2% daily this entire time. Right on :)

--- I was just outside in the rain, in my hoodie, spraying some Revive on the lawn. This hot summer beat it up pretty good and our Colorado soil is like clay. So figured the grass might like a cool energizing drink.


Before I forget or it gets too late ... That new Forum I mentioned the other day is set to OPEN on Sept 10th. It's gonna be fun, guaranteed! 
Night Night :) 

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