Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Updates including Sunday

--- JBP-JSS: pending payments requested on or before 8/24 have been paid. JSS is active and you can fund it now (if you like). And they think the Tripler will be fully functional on Monday.
Their updates are pushing everyone to buy into the Tripler as soon as you can. Well of course they are, that's what they want. LOL.
I might hold off a bit until I see what exactly happened to my older Triplers after the restart. Someone in the forum mentioned (per conf. call) that 50% would probably be the number. 50% will stay in your Tripler and 50% will be moved to the JSS Matrix.
* Sunday: the Tripler is up for viewing. 

--- Bi-24: just added another 5 units to the mix. Sure I could have withdrawn the money but I support what I believe in. 
Thanks Ivan and members :) 

--- CWC: there's a new blog article posted that I just noticed so I'm off to read that now.
- OK back, that was a good article. Was planning to write about MLM's here myself because Yes, I do have a bit of experience with them too. Maybe some other time though after I jot down some notes.
Just for the record, I did cycle a few more positions in the PSS today ending in 17339. And I get the feeling we're not going to do another Tornado. I think the first one was the most popular, the second one...not so much. So the third might be a bomb. Besides, I would guess Larry and Tirey's time would be better spent working on the new HUB.
* Sunday: cycled PSS positions ending in 18586


--- * Sunday: Received my weekly Profit Share from GBC!

--- While surfing the other day, I got side tracked when I saw a donation invitation from none other than "Hula", the infamous Mod at MMG, MLMDivas and other forums. I meant to click on the link that day but ... well, you know how things just get away from you.
While surfing today, I saw it again and quickly pulled out my Credit (debit) Card.
If you're interested in helping Hula and her quest to raise money for the American Cancer Society, you can find the information HERE.
Yes, that was me who got the ball rolling with a $25 donation, but every little bit helps so don't be bashful. 



Hula said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I am touched by your generosity. You're such a great friend. Relay for Life is my favorite cause. Our team participates each year and I thought I'd get a head start on the 2012 Honolulu event.

Thanks again. You're the bomb!

...Hula =)

blondie said...

No, thank You Hula.
What you're doing is wonderful and I'm glad I could be a part of it!