Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Danger Danger

--- ABSurfing: New surf site, just opened, blah blah blah. Now, isn't "Angry Birds" a Cartoon or something? Well I suppose that will be a good excuse to shut down the site without paying ... 'copyright infringement'. Remember the Disney site that disappeared that way? Anyway, I've learned everything I need to know about the program AND who's running it. I will NOT be joining!! (yes, you should take that as advice) 

--- Bi-24: Up to 984 members. Only 16 more to reach the Bonus position member. Plus Ivan has a Strategy contest running also. I would enter that myself but I don't have much of a strategy for this one. As I told someone the other day, I'm just a (wo)man without a plan. LOL

--- CWC: Clear skies. No tornado warning. A bit of cycling for me last night ending in position 14728.

--- JBP-JSS: No news yet today. They're working on the member area links little by little. FAQ's are available now and your banner links (if that's how you promote). So it's still just a waiting game at this point.
Hey check this out:
As can be expected, there's a lot of negativity in the forums about their return. Will they or won't they? Wish I had a crystal ball and knew the answer to that. But if they didn't plan on returning, why go through so much trouble and expense in hiring marketers, moderators, etc?

--- My temp here today is going to be a High of 57F degrees. Cool enough to vacuum I suppose. Also put a new Filter in my furnace, just in case it kicks on today :(

--- Just got a nice surprise from ShowBizHits:
Note from ShowBiz Hits:
Congratulations Judy, You won $2.00 in ShowBiz Hits's Weekly Referral Contest drawing.! Thank you for helping SBH to grow!
Cheers, lisa and Chris

--- And for you Dog Lovers out there, this was too cute not to share. (Thanks to a friend for sending)

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