Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Something is Coming

--- JBP-JSS: still waiting for more news from Fred or Carl about our progress with all the moves and reorganizing and new sign up info etc etc. (sigh)

--- Bi-24 is doing fabulous! Today will be my 37th day of 2% earnings on the first AdUnits I purchased on opening day. Member count is at 886. Payouts are fast and tomorrow is one of the 3 weekly re-purchase days. Word from Admin is we're doing Great!

--- CWC: logged in this afternoon and realized that my non-matured Tornado profit shares (which was all of them, lol) have been moved to the Main cycler and they cycled today. Also noticed a new banner for the upcoming "Residual Income" program that Larry is working on now. Could take a couple of weeks to complete all the coding and stuff, but I think we'll have some news about it before then.



roberteb said...

im ready for the Residual Income program of CWC.. cant wait, lets do it.. roberteb

blondie said...

Hiya Robert :)
Yeah I'm ready too!
Got a feeling he's putting something good together for us.
Nice to see you!!

Petrus said...

JSS login is working now but the only available feature being view and change of profile.

blondie said...

Thank You Petrus,
I do look for their emails every morning first thing, lol
Glad they're making progress.