Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MLM's and more ...

--- Bi-24: good update sent out last night from Admin which included information on a new PTP (paid to promote) area coming to the site. Also LinkEx will be improved and more strategy plans coming out later. He too mentioned JS who was a good friend of his (as well as mine). Actually, JS is how I met Ivan way back when. Funny how these things work out, isn't it? Also requested and received Payment from Bi yesterday. Thanks Ivan, keep up the good work 'kiddo' :)

--- JBP-JSS: another blessing for me today when I opened my email and saw the notice that my payment request was fulfilled. YaY! Now I told you I'm getting a new roof on my house. Well insurance doesn't cover all of it plus I have a big deductible so The Tripler is definitely helping me out with that. Thanks to Fred, Carl, staff and members. Next the Re-Start is what I'm really looking forward to. Rumor has it ... this week? Hope so.
-- Told you yesterday that I reported duplicate tripler purchases to support. Well today they wrote me back and said "Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Enjoy the extra earnings."  Nice eh? Thanks JBP, but I also hope you get that script problem resolved.

--- CWC: just waiting on the Hub to open. I'm not sure how many 'current' members will want to be involved in it. But the good thing is, those who do get into it and end up paying the $15 in a months time, will be helping all members cycle in the main PSS. Also Admin is not taking a cut from the Hub so his portion will also be thrown into the PSS cycling funds. Maybe I'm crazy but I think it might just work out. I guess we'll see :)

--- I was approached a few days ago about joining a new MLM. Was told I would be in the top 200 and would make tons of money because it's going to be Huge. Well, we hear that all the time from promoters, right?

So I opened the site to see what it was, viewed the 3 videos, checked the products, price and earnings chart.

Cost $130 to start and then a monthly auto-ship for 40 bucks. Ummm, no thank you. Wasn't even a product I would use, so how in the hell could I expect to sell it? I probably couldn't.

Good Old MLM's. I've been involved in more than I care to admit, but I'll give it a try anyway. Let's see, there was...

- Cajun Country Candies (good stuff but cost twice as much as buying it in the grocery store)
- Coastal Vacations (I don't travel and hate to fly)
- Healthy Coffee (store brand is good enough for me)

- Dish Network (no thanks. I like my cable)
- Pet Vitamins (ok but cheaper at PetSmart)
- Energy Drinks (gag and hypertension)
- Online Karate Lessons (Chung from 10dollarswonder talked me into trying to promote that. Never got any sign ups)

and last but not least:
- Iggly Biggly (that one was a real joke. I do recall JS actually got excited when he received a pair of thongs (flip-flops) for ladies, (pink I believe) in the mail. Wonder what he did with them? LOL)

And that list is only what I remember off the top of my head over the last 9 years or so. I'm sure there were more that I forgot about.

Bottom line is ... I don't think I ever made "profit" with any of these MLM's. Maybe I didn't work hard enough at it. Or just didn't know where to promote them. I certainly did give it my best shot even though none of them were anything that I could believe in.

So now, along comes the New MLM, the CWC Hub.

When Larry first told me about it, I sort of shy'd away. Didn't sound like anything I would be interested in until I learned more about it.

What are we promoting using the HUB?

You're promoting yourself and up to 5 other programs.

Ummm, ok. So if someone joined Bi-24 (thru my hub site) and was really happy with it, they might look at what else I'm sharing, and join me in some of the others as well. A-ha! Now I get it. Almost like having your own advertising site with an income attached.

Income attached?

Well, once I pay the $15 monthly and others do the same, yeah. I can see the big picture now and how CWC is planning to help us do that. And the best part is ... this IS something I can actually use and benefit from.

Now we know it's not launched yet, and I don't know how well it will be accepted, so my guess is as good as yours as to whether or not it will be a success. But you know I'll be checking it out and keeping an open mind and sharing what I really think about it here.

So please, stay tuned for that, OK?

PS, don't forget you can try it FREE for the first 30 days. Nothing to lose to give it a shot.

Talk about timing, LOL 
The day that Tirey made the video on how to Subscribe to the CWC blog through the RSS feed, was the day I showed the "Cat on the Toilet". Too frickin funny. Thanks for the laugh Tirey!


Nina Redza said...

God bless you, Blondie for making me take action in purchasing Tripler.
It was gathering dust in my top shelf for a couple of months. Lol!

Hope you earn enough to buy yourself a brand new house soon.


blondie said...

I don't need a new house Nina. I just need to fix this one up a bit.
Thanks for dropping by and Good Luck with your Triplers :)