Monday, September 12, 2011

The Money Machine

--- Caught about 5 minutes of the JBP-JSS conference call this morning. Just long enough to hear Carl say ... 'hopefully JSS will be up and running tomorrow and then 'the money machine', Triper will be up in a couple more days'.
What else can we do? Wait a little longer :/
PS, Carl Pearson is the only person I listen to on those conference calls. There is a lot going on that even he can't answer, and he's one of the top dogs. So if you hear a lot of speculation from others, don't let it excite nor disturb you. Only time will tell the real outcome when we return in full force.

--- Bi-24: today is one of our 3 weekly re-purchase days and I just re-purchased 5 more AdUnits. Also requested a cash out which I'm sure will arrive shortly. (Update: PAID)
Thanks Ivan! and here's some cool news:
Dear blondie,
Soon we will reach 1000 people in memberships. We have managed to accomplish this thanks to all the promotional efforts of everyone.
To celebrate the 1000th member of, we are giving up to 10 free matching positions to his/her account.

This means that if the 1000th member purchases for example 5 positions he/she will receive 5 positions for free and therefore if he/she purchases for example 10, he/she will receive 10 for free.
Thank you for all the hard work in spreading the word about
Best Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

We're at 965 Members as of right now!!

--- GBC - Grand Bank Club: yesterday being Sunday I received my weekly profit share from Gord, who should be back to work this week. I know I've been missing his daily newsletters, that's for sure.

--- CWC: cycled a few PSS spots last night ending in position no. 13551. So if you're keeping track... there you have it.
To new members joining: Don't expect to receive earnings daily in the cycling. That's not how it works. DO expect a new "Residual Income" program to be announced in the next week or two that I personally feel am going to enjoy.
If you're not already a member, you can sign-up for Free and wait for the updates on that (or watch here for my blog posts). Then if it turns out not to be your "cup of tea", just delete your account. No hassles.

--- I-T Forum: don't forget to check out the new money making forum. I know there's not many members there yet but it's growing nicely, and Kev has a couple of contests running already where you can win a cash prize.


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