Friday, September 2, 2011

TGIF and Tornado Warning

And a Holiday Weekend coming up here. This is the last big weekend for those die hard Campers to get their fill before the cold weather comes in. Although I heard on the news that the higher elevations will be at the freezing mark over night so I hope they go up the Rockies well equipped. 

--- JBP-JSS: listened to their conf call this morning since the email update merely mentioned another 'wait'. Carl thinks we should be able to log into JBP later on today. Then JSS tomorrow. Fred will send us an email when it's time.
Since there are changes to the program, he suggested that reading the New FAQ's would be a good idea. Just a few things he mentioned:
- No more purchasing of referrals (downline)
- No more Cookie Tracking of the new site (yay!)
- He also mentioned that you will need to be upgraded to Level 2 in order to receive RC from downline. I'll be sure to read the FAQ's carefully about that because I don't know if he meant just JBP or the Tripler.
That's all for now. As soon as we can login and read more, I'll share the scoop with you here.

--- CWC: less than 24 hours till the next Tornado is launched. Remember this one will only last for 24 hours so the quicker you can get in, the more you should cycle.
NOTE: you do need to be a paid member in the main CWC to play in the Tornado.
Speaking of cycling, I had quite a few of my Token positions cycle this morning ending in #10,093 (if anyone is keeping track).

--- It's gonna be cooler here today. Only 84F, and only 78 and 79 for Sat and Sun. Now Diva, you know our weather comes your way, so that's something for you and Toto to look forward to in Kansas :D 

--- Bi-24: just realized I didn't say anything about Bi-24 today. Well that's OK. When everything is running perfectly there's not much to talk about. And I'm sure Ivan is getting tired of me patting him on the back with an atta-boy: "Good Job Ivan", LOL.
Also, Special Thanks to those of you who have signed up from my link and have been enjoying that 2% daily along with me ;)
Remember to share with others and there's a nice 7% RC in it for you.  

--- Nice quiet afternoon here. I'm going Surfing over at ShowBizHits for a bit. Later (wave) 


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