Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jessica :) --- & New Forum

Hope you're having a great time today and enjoying your Birthday!!
Catch up with you tomorrow and we'll keep your Birthday going for the weekend!!!
Love You, 
Momapotimus xoxoxo

--- JBP-JSS: I see our referral page and marketing page is available today. Still very anxious for the rest of it to come back to life. But hey, I guess these things take time. ahhhhh
NOTE: If you have NOT been able to receive the email that shows your Member ID, send a support request to:
Hope you're using a gmail account. It works best for these types of programs.
**Just copied this from a member post in a forum and thought I would share:
"Was just in the web conference meeting and according to Carl Pearson, Monday is the day that we have all been waiting for. The JBP site should be making us money once again smile.gifNOW..that being said, Carl has been very poor at giving accurate dates for completing projects on time... sooooo lets just hope for once he is correct...... Wouldnt it be nice if he had things up and running early... Now THAT! would be a boost for the ol' JBP program."

--- Bi-24: up to 932 members which gets me to thinkin that maybe we should have some kind of Celebration or Prize for our 1,000 nth member. What do you think it should be?

--- CWC: just received a payment from Larry which I didn't expect until tomorrow. Thank You to all involved :)

--- Been trying to feed the Blue Jays but the neighbors Cat keeps hiding under the bush then charging out after them when they land. Dang cat!

--- GlobalSurfPro: Kent just mentioned in a forum that he's got something up his sleeve for a new "baby". Here's what he said: Teaser....
I just started setting to life my Baby 2.
Been thinking for this for a loooong time and i think its time to get some more fun back.
Will update you later when its more specific.
OK, I'll keep my eyes open for that.

--- Speaking of Forums ...

Here is the brand new Money Making Discussion Board Forum that I've been hinting around at. Was supposed to open tomorrow but Kev says tonight will be the night!
Now you may recognize the name "Investment-Tracker" from a popular Monitor site that he ran. Also you may recognize the name "alzander" if you're a forum regular (like I am).
In any case, he gave me the OK to post the link and invite my friends.
So there you have it. Get signed up (Register Link is at the top next to home page), fill out your profile, read the Welcome and the forum rules and you're off and running. YaY!

PS, he's already put something in the "Contests and Freebies" board. Win $5 bucks for guessing the number of members to the forum on October something. Well, go read it if you're interested.
I don't remember the exact date now, LOL


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