Sunday, September 25, 2011

Slowly but Surely

--- JBP-JSS: things are slowly getting back to normal there. My 'newer' triplers cycled again at 12:05 server time, just like they're supposed to. My referrals and their referrals are getting back into the thick of things once again. Overall I'm really happy to see this progress. Can't wait for ALL the steps to be completed so that I can learn more about the JSS Matrix and how to make the most from my efforts.

--- GBC: received my Sunday profit share, like always. Thanks Gord! 

--- Bi-24: I see that Ivan has added the 'Strategy Plan' to the main page before you log in. Definitely worth a peek if you don't have a strategy in mind yet. Everything at Bi is working as planned and everyone seems really happy with it, including me :)

--- GlobalSurfPro: only a couple of days left for me to surf there and request my final cash out. Then it's just a 'wait and see' what else Kent has in mind for his next program.

That reminds me ... I need to ditch the GSP banner. Might ditch the F5M while I'm there also. I know I know, it's a great old program and people are making lots of money, but I haven't made anything yet. Guess I'm just not the go-getter type that you need to be to make a buck from it.

--- The Collie Rescue site shown in my side bar in memory of Bill Stewart, was having a problem with their PayPal account. Last time I tried to Donate, the link was bogus. Anyway, I checked again today and it seems to be back in order along with CC payment also available. Bill had an account at GBC and I notified Gord to let me know when he's due for a payment. I'll take the money, add to it, and donate to the Collie Rescue. It's the least I can do and I'm sure it's what he would have wanted. 


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Happy Days Goldfinder said...

Love the new strategy on Bi-24... It works if you work it. It CANNOT fail... 100% guaranteed