Friday, September 30, 2011

Word of the Day

--- JBP-JSS: word of the day is the re-start.** Carl is confident it will happen tomorrow but I'm not gonna jump up and down until it does.
In the meantime, you do realize that unless you bought Triplers since it re-opened for business about a week ago, that your current (old) triplers are sitting idle until after the re-start. I'm seeing a lot of "why are you cycling and I'm not?" in the forums. Well that's because we bought new Triplers after 9/22 and those are the ones that are earning 2% daily. My older Triplers are sitting idle also.
** This sounds more recent than the last note also pulled from a forum: 
I had a support ticket in about purchased referral refunds and tripler restart. Fred had to respond to the refund question which he said would be today for me. He also confirmed the following

"50% of your JSS-Tripler positions will be converted and restart should be implemented on or before Tuesday."

Hopefully sooner than Tuesday but almost here. Now that I know for sure it will be 50% I can plan my strategy. biggrin.gif

Thanks Wesley for the post. 

--- CWC: their newest blog article says the Hub is about 60% complete. Don't know how long it took to get to 60%, but I hope the final 40 goes fast, LOL

--- Bi-24: growing and running perfectly.

--- New Program from Kent of Global: he mentioned yesterday that it might take 2-3 weeks to get the new program 'programmed' and ready. That seems like a long time on the net and I'm hoping it'll be worth the wait.

--- That's all for now. I need to get out of the house today. I'm thinking PetSmart might be a fun place to go to take my mind off of everything else. I hope they have some Kitties up for adoption. Not to buy, just to enjoy seeing them. Takes the stress out of spending all that money on cat food and kitty litter :) 


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MLM's and more ...

--- Bi-24: good update sent out last night from Admin which included information on a new PTP (paid to promote) area coming to the site. Also LinkEx will be improved and more strategy plans coming out later. He too mentioned JS who was a good friend of his (as well as mine). Actually, JS is how I met Ivan way back when. Funny how these things work out, isn't it? Also requested and received Payment from Bi yesterday. Thanks Ivan, keep up the good work 'kiddo' :)

--- JBP-JSS: another blessing for me today when I opened my email and saw the notice that my payment request was fulfilled. YaY! Now I told you I'm getting a new roof on my house. Well insurance doesn't cover all of it plus I have a big deductible so The Tripler is definitely helping me out with that. Thanks to Fred, Carl, staff and members. Next the Re-Start is what I'm really looking forward to. Rumor has it ... this week? Hope so.
-- Told you yesterday that I reported duplicate tripler purchases to support. Well today they wrote me back and said "Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Enjoy the extra earnings."  Nice eh? Thanks JBP, but I also hope you get that script problem resolved.

--- CWC: just waiting on the Hub to open. I'm not sure how many 'current' members will want to be involved in it. But the good thing is, those who do get into it and end up paying the $15 in a months time, will be helping all members cycle in the main PSS. Also Admin is not taking a cut from the Hub so his portion will also be thrown into the PSS cycling funds. Maybe I'm crazy but I think it might just work out. I guess we'll see :)

--- I was approached a few days ago about joining a new MLM. Was told I would be in the top 200 and would make tons of money because it's going to be Huge. Well, we hear that all the time from promoters, right?

So I opened the site to see what it was, viewed the 3 videos, checked the products, price and earnings chart.

Cost $130 to start and then a monthly auto-ship for 40 bucks. Ummm, no thank you. Wasn't even a product I would use, so how in the hell could I expect to sell it? I probably couldn't.

Good Old MLM's. I've been involved in more than I care to admit, but I'll give it a try anyway. Let's see, there was...

- Cajun Country Candies (good stuff but cost twice as much as buying it in the grocery store)
- Coastal Vacations (I don't travel and hate to fly)
- Healthy Coffee (store brand is good enough for me)

- Dish Network (no thanks. I like my cable)
- Pet Vitamins (ok but cheaper at PetSmart)
- Energy Drinks (gag and hypertension)
- Online Karate Lessons (Chung from 10dollarswonder talked me into trying to promote that. Never got any sign ups)

and last but not least:
- Iggly Biggly (that one was a real joke. I do recall JS actually got excited when he received a pair of thongs (flip-flops) for ladies, (pink I believe) in the mail. Wonder what he did with them? LOL)

And that list is only what I remember off the top of my head over the last 9 years or so. I'm sure there were more that I forgot about.

Bottom line is ... I don't think I ever made "profit" with any of these MLM's. Maybe I didn't work hard enough at it. Or just didn't know where to promote them. I certainly did give it my best shot even though none of them were anything that I could believe in.

So now, along comes the New MLM, the CWC Hub.

When Larry first told me about it, I sort of shy'd away. Didn't sound like anything I would be interested in until I learned more about it.

What are we promoting using the HUB?

You're promoting yourself and up to 5 other programs.

Ummm, ok. So if someone joined Bi-24 (thru my hub site) and was really happy with it, they might look at what else I'm sharing, and join me in some of the others as well. A-ha! Now I get it. Almost like having your own advertising site with an income attached.

Income attached?

Well, once I pay the $15 monthly and others do the same, yeah. I can see the big picture now and how CWC is planning to help us do that. And the best part is ... this IS something I can actually use and benefit from.

Now we know it's not launched yet, and I don't know how well it will be accepted, so my guess is as good as yours as to whether or not it will be a success. But you know I'll be checking it out and keeping an open mind and sharing what I really think about it here.

So please, stay tuned for that, OK?

PS, don't forget you can try it FREE for the first 30 days. Nothing to lose to give it a shot.

Talk about timing, LOL 
The day that Tirey made the video on how to Subscribe to the CWC blog through the RSS feed, was the day I showed the "Cat on the Toilet". Too frickin funny. Thanks for the laugh Tirey!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JS, in my Headlines and in my Heart

Hard to believe it's been a year already since John left us. Well, I could write a book about all the things I remember and all the fun times I had with him here, and I do still miss him dearly.
However, I have a strong sense that he's moved on, is happy now and would want the same for all of us. So am not going to expound on our past relationship today. Instead am going to carry on as usual and have already made plans to have a "drinkie" with him this afternoon. I'm sure he will like that a lot.
Hey John, catch you a little later for a Cheers, K. 

--- My fingers are stuck now and I need to clean my glasses. Just need a few minutes to get my act together.
OK I'm back ... 

--- (^_^) JBP/JSS - Withdrawal System Open!!

Welcome to all our new members!
700 new members today -- wow! This kind of growth, if maintained, doubles our business in about a month!
We have some promoters making more than $1,000 per day, since JSS-Tripler opened up again this past Wedneday!
But if you've been waiting a while to withdraw some spending money from our big moneymakers, JSS and JSS-Tripler, then today's your lucky day!

Now that's good news! I've not been to the site to withdraw yet but will do that a little later today. I actually need to contact them first about a duplicate spend in the Tripler. I purchased 4 and the system gave me 8. So off to report that before I do anything else.

--- GlobalSurfPro: just completed my term there and requested my final cash out. Anxious to see what Kent comes up with for his new program. 'Out with the old and In with the new', can't wait :)

--- Bi-24: just purchased 5 new Ad Units from AP funds. Yeah I know I could have waited till tomorrow and re-purchased, but I'm sort of on my own schedule and today was "my day". Oh and we're up to 1159 in membership. Good job everyone!

--- CWC: received a small payment today. Thanks Larry. Now I know some of you are getting real anal about it, but what you seem to forget is it's a profit share. If all you're doing is bashing and not promoting, of course it will slow to a crawl. Sure there are things that Admin could have done better, but what's done is done and all we can do now is hope that the new HUB will make it worth our while. Hell I'm just glad that Larry didn't tell everyone to take a hike and close the program. And from what I've read in the forums lately, some of you deserve it.

--- GrandBankClub: K-Game payout. Thanks Gord! 
Date: September 27, 2011 5:16:59 PM
Amount Sent: $25.00 USD
Sender Name: Gordon Boehler

--- Hmmm, today feels like a really long day :(
--- Alright. This one's for you John. I recall you sharing it in one of your last blog posts so I hope you enjoy hearing it again. Cheers!

Monday, September 26, 2011

No Post Today

I wrote up a long blog post for today but you will think I'm crazy if I post it. Besides, it was a personal experience about what happened one year ago tonight, that I decided shouldn't be shared. Can't believe tonight and tomorrow is one year already gone by :(

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Slowly but Surely

--- JBP-JSS: things are slowly getting back to normal there. My 'newer' triplers cycled again at 12:05 server time, just like they're supposed to. My referrals and their referrals are getting back into the thick of things once again. Overall I'm really happy to see this progress. Can't wait for ALL the steps to be completed so that I can learn more about the JSS Matrix and how to make the most from my efforts.

--- GBC: received my Sunday profit share, like always. Thanks Gord! 

--- Bi-24: I see that Ivan has added the 'Strategy Plan' to the main page before you log in. Definitely worth a peek if you don't have a strategy in mind yet. Everything at Bi is working as planned and everyone seems really happy with it, including me :)

--- GlobalSurfPro: only a couple of days left for me to surf there and request my final cash out. Then it's just a 'wait and see' what else Kent has in mind for his next program.

That reminds me ... I need to ditch the GSP banner. Might ditch the F5M while I'm there also. I know I know, it's a great old program and people are making lots of money, but I haven't made anything yet. Guess I'm just not the go-getter type that you need to be to make a buck from it.

--- The Collie Rescue site shown in my side bar in memory of Bill Stewart, was having a problem with their PayPal account. Last time I tried to Donate, the link was bogus. Anyway, I checked again today and it seems to be back in order along with CC payment also available. Bill had an account at GBC and I notified Gord to let me know when he's due for a payment. I'll take the money, add to it, and donate to the Collie Rescue. It's the least I can do and I'm sure it's what he would have wanted. 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday and ... Cowabunga

the first full day of Fall.
I like Fall and Spring.
Winter is OK too.
It's the Summer heat I don't care for all that much. When it's too hot, I just can't get motivated to do much of anything. Although this summer, we never did hit 100F. TG for that :)

--- Bi-24: just keeps going and going. Every day I receive my 2% earnings and since my first positions are now over the 50 day mark, those are officially in profit. Can't beat that.

--- CWC: cycled a few more last night ending in 22041. I keep checking for the Wealth Hub to be open, but it's not yet. Remind me later to tell you a story about my MLM experiences.

--- JBP-JSS: their updates re: tripler cycling times are not matching what time the tripler has cycled. And that's OK. As long as they do sometime during each day... I don't see any need for worry, (unlike some idiot posts I'm seeing at a forum). Yes I said idiot. Some people just don't think before they write.
-- Today was a little delayed but I did cycle my "newer" Triplers at 2011-09-25 01:35:08 Server Time.

--- Opened on the 13th. Warned You on the 14th. Today I read that payments are 2 days late. My oh my. Those angry birds must have took the money and flew the coop.  

--- Anticipating what the new program will be that Kent (GSP) will be opening. Also anticipating the C Dub Hub, (get it? CWHub :) Also anticipating the Tripler restart to see where I stand in all of this.

OK, just have to share this silly pic of a grown man in a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" T-shirt that his mother just couldn't resist when she realized it came in an Adult size. (hehe) Cowabunga!! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling Better

--- Still re-cooping from yesterday and slowly working my way back to eating real food again. I can only handle crackers and yogurt for so long, lol

--- The JSS-Tripler just cycled today on the positions I bought yesterday. The rest of the triplers bought previously should start cycling after the restart is completed. But how many will be left to cycle and how many will be moved to JSS Matrix positions is still a mystery. Rumor has it at 50% 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Tripler is Back

--- JBP-JSS: the Tripler is now OPEN for new spends. About time! You can purchase from fresh money and/or your account balance. But you cannot withdraw anything yet. That's one of the next steps on their list.
I wasn't sure what I would do when it reopened, but I decided today to go ahead and purchase some new Triplers to get the ball rolling. I'm getting quite a few RC notices which leads me to believe that everyone was ready to get it going again, plus I don't like feeling left out :)
So going down the list, withdraw's will be open soon, then in 2-4 days, the Restart. In the meantime, happy cycling once again. YaY! 

--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: I just love saying that, hehe. Just purchased 5 new Ad Units for myself. Also requested a payout which I'm sure will arrive soon. That's a good thing since I just had the "gutter guy" take measurements for my future new gutters. Was shocked to hear they cost something like $3.50 per foot, ouch! So Thanks to Ivan, Bi-24 and all members for giving me a helping hand with that one. I DO put my money to good use, LOL

--- CWC: cycled a few there today also, ending in number 20808. Other than that, just waiting to see the new Hub when it opens. I've never had much luck in MLM's, but this time I'll be sharing something that makes sense for those of us who have more than one program to share.

--- GlobalSurfPro: Kent has decided to close to new members as of today. If you're in the Surf plan, continue surfing until the end of your term and you will be paid.
He's working on a new "cycler" idea and will share more with us later down the road, (within the next week perhaps).
I've had a fun and profitable time at GSP and would not hesitate to join another new program run by Kent. He's earned a 'thumbs-up' in my book. Stay tuned for more info on that :)

--- I'm sitting here reading what I wrote and it sounds way too serious for me. Well, am not feeling all that well today and have been trying everything to make it go away. Finally decided on a glass of warm milk, and that seemed to help quite a bit. I'll do my best to be back to normal tomorrow. If not, just shoot me :( 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


--- Couldn't help but smile when I saw this song posted in a forum relating to JBP-JSS :)  

Now if you recall, one of the first emails we got from Fred after one of the first delays said something like ... 'Well we thought this would only take 3 days but you know how programmers are. They can take 10 times longer than what they say they will.' 
Do you remember that? So that being said, the site went 'down' around Aug 25th, you think maybe Fred was just trying to prepare us in advance for the long wait? Think about it.
PS, word on the street is the Tripler could be up this afternoon EST, (or tomorrow) LOL.

--- Bi-24: in the meantime, everyone sure seems to love Bi-24. 2% Daily. Repurchases available 3x per week. 7% RC from outside spends. Fast payments. AP CC option for purchases and a great Admin. So what's not to love? 
Still waiting for that strategy to be posted on the site. I heard it's being tweaked so it should be there soon.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Already :(

--- Investment-Tracker Forum: just a reminder that there's a new forum to chat in, promote in, or just read up on your favorite program listings. Noticed it's up to 220 members already which is a good start for a new forum. Oh and weekly advertising is really cheap too, LOL. Check it out:

--- JBP-JSS: missed the morning conf. call, but someone in the forum said that Carl announced the Tripler should be back 100% sometime today* so we can buy new positions if we choose. I might buy a few new since I have $40 sitting in my JSS account. Still anxious to see what the "Restart" does to us.
* Nope. Not today. Server issues. Will check again in the morning.
** Tuesday: site not available. Update said they're working on it. 

--- Bi-24: moving right along and by the end of today, when we cycle, that will be my "seed money" back on the first positions I bought. Can't believe it's been 50 days already. Great Job Ivan and members! 

--- CWC: nothing cycled for me last night but you gotta remember this is a Profit Share with currently over 25K in positions. It takes a while to get through all those. Patience my friends, patience.
** Tuesday: cycled up to position no. 19827

--- GBC: you do realize that's a surf site too, right? I've been surfing daily, racking up those 40 credits per day... but recently they've been getting used up faster than the norm. Could be more people are using GBC as an Advertising site these days. It's all good and works like a charm.

--- GlobalSurfPro: still surfing there daily also and have plenty of credits to prove it, lol. Wonder if Kent will wind-up this site when he starts his new one. He hinted at a new program but I haven't heard anything since then. So we wait.

--- Hey I gotta clean my house today. I got a Roofer coming over tomorrow morning to take some measurements for my new roof. It's going to be cool outside so we'll probably end up talking in the kitchen, which needs cleaning really bad. So off I go for the day.

--- Reading suggestion for today: GordsHomeBiz. Good article on Forums, getting information and trouble makers. Thanks Gord, couldn't agree with you more :)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Updates including Sunday

--- JBP-JSS: pending payments requested on or before 8/24 have been paid. JSS is active and you can fund it now (if you like). And they think the Tripler will be fully functional on Monday.
Their updates are pushing everyone to buy into the Tripler as soon as you can. Well of course they are, that's what they want. LOL.
I might hold off a bit until I see what exactly happened to my older Triplers after the restart. Someone in the forum mentioned (per conf. call) that 50% would probably be the number. 50% will stay in your Tripler and 50% will be moved to the JSS Matrix.
* Sunday: the Tripler is up for viewing. 

--- Bi-24: just added another 5 units to the mix. Sure I could have withdrawn the money but I support what I believe in. 
Thanks Ivan and members :) 

--- CWC: there's a new blog article posted that I just noticed so I'm off to read that now.
- OK back, that was a good article. Was planning to write about MLM's here myself because Yes, I do have a bit of experience with them too. Maybe some other time though after I jot down some notes.
Just for the record, I did cycle a few more positions in the PSS today ending in 17339. And I get the feeling we're not going to do another Tornado. I think the first one was the most popular, the second one...not so much. So the third might be a bomb. Besides, I would guess Larry and Tirey's time would be better spent working on the new HUB.
* Sunday: cycled PSS positions ending in 18586


--- * Sunday: Received my weekly Profit Share from GBC!

--- While surfing the other day, I got side tracked when I saw a donation invitation from none other than "Hula", the infamous Mod at MMG, MLMDivas and other forums. I meant to click on the link that day but ... well, you know how things just get away from you.
While surfing today, I saw it again and quickly pulled out my Credit (debit) Card.
If you're interested in helping Hula and her quest to raise money for the American Cancer Society, you can find the information HERE.
Yes, that was me who got the ball rolling with a $25 donation, but every little bit helps so don't be bashful. 


Friday, September 16, 2011


--- JBP-JSS: caught the morning call today and Carl sounded really tired. He did say the withdrawal requests from JSS made on or before Aug 24th should start going out soon. Also we should be able to Fund our JSS accounts soon. Also the Tripler should be up soon. Also we should be able to buy into the Tripler soon (tomorrow maybe?). Also, the re-start will happen soon after everything else is up and running. So yes, the word "soon" is the key word here.
I doubt very much that I'm going to do anything until after the re-start to see what happened to my Tripler and JSS positions. Once I get a handle on it all, and it makes sense, then I can plan from that point on.
Then again, if I get excited enough, I might jump back in sooner. Guess it all depends on my gut feeling for the day, and my gut has been pretty reliable lately :)

--- Bi-24: kicking out that 2% daily like a well oiled machine. Let me check the calendar. Looks like today is 47 days of steady 2% cycling. So that equates to 94% of my original spend back. WooHoo! Time flies when you're having fun eh? LOL
I read that Ivan has picked a Winner for the Strategy Contest, who's strategy is quite good. I got really involved looking at the numbers and wishing I had thought it out more from the get go myself. Anyway Congrats to the Winner and am looking forward to seeing it posted on the site.

--- CWC: have you had a chance to view the Centurion Wealth Hub yet? What do you think about it? Do you see what I'm seeing at all? Oh I guess I better tell you what I'm seeing first eh? hehe

-- New Feeder for the main CWC program.
-- For a $15 monthly subscription fee...
-- Get your own Hub page where you can promote up to 5 businesses.
-- Hub Commission on direct referrals: $3
-- Hub Bonus from your direct ref's recruits: $2
-- Everyone in your 'family' (I'll call it) 5 levels deep will also earn you $1 per person who continues to be active (paid).
-- First Month FREE to try it out.
-- Co-op for getting Referrals if you need help.
Now here's the part I really like...
-- Stacking Option - you can stack your new referrals under existing referrals. Then the existing ref's will ALSO receive the $1 Hub Leverage each month the new member stays active (paid).
-- YOU will also receive the $1 Hub Leverage on that same person, as long as that person is in your "family" of 5 levels.

So what do you think? Is that cool or what??
Those who are into team builds and/or helping others in a pay-it-forward sort of fashion, should really enjoy this. Also makes me think it will bring out the passion some of you have for sharing of your own good fortune.
Personally, I'm anxious as hell to see the member area in the new back office of the HUB. But unfortunately, Larry tells me it could be about a week before it's ready to rumble.
Questions, comments or concerns?
You know where to find me :)

--- Is Friday the Official SPAM day? Seems I've deleted an awful lot of SPAM today.
Maybe all the crooks are just getting their 2 cents in before the weekend. Sheesh!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got a Late Start Today ...

so I don't have time to be so talkative, LOL

--- Bi-24: received their member no. 1,000 and that person's spend was matched as their bonus. Congrats to them and their Sponsor! 

--- CWC: cycled a bit last night ending in position no. 15829. Also received a payment from Larry today :)
Check your member area NOW for information on the Centurion Wealth HUB. You can't sign up yet, but you can take your time and let all the information sink in. There is a particular part of the HUB that I really like. I'll go into more detail about my thoughts tomorrow. 

--- JBP-JSS: portions of the JSS are up and running. Now the important Tripler should be coming back into view in the next day or so. Just like starting over.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Danger Danger

--- ABSurfing: New surf site, just opened, blah blah blah. Now, isn't "Angry Birds" a Cartoon or something? Well I suppose that will be a good excuse to shut down the site without paying ... 'copyright infringement'. Remember the Disney site that disappeared that way? Anyway, I've learned everything I need to know about the program AND who's running it. I will NOT be joining!! (yes, you should take that as advice) 

--- Bi-24: Up to 984 members. Only 16 more to reach the Bonus position member. Plus Ivan has a Strategy contest running also. I would enter that myself but I don't have much of a strategy for this one. As I told someone the other day, I'm just a (wo)man without a plan. LOL

--- CWC: Clear skies. No tornado warning. A bit of cycling for me last night ending in position 14728.

--- JBP-JSS: No news yet today. They're working on the member area links little by little. FAQ's are available now and your banner links (if that's how you promote). So it's still just a waiting game at this point.
Hey check this out:
As can be expected, there's a lot of negativity in the forums about their return. Will they or won't they? Wish I had a crystal ball and knew the answer to that. But if they didn't plan on returning, why go through so much trouble and expense in hiring marketers, moderators, etc?

--- My temp here today is going to be a High of 57F degrees. Cool enough to vacuum I suppose. Also put a new Filter in my furnace, just in case it kicks on today :(

--- Just got a nice surprise from ShowBizHits:
Note from ShowBiz Hits:
Congratulations Judy, You won $2.00 in ShowBiz Hits's Weekly Referral Contest drawing.! Thank you for helping SBH to grow!
Cheers, lisa and Chris

--- And for you Dog Lovers out there, this was too cute not to share. (Thanks to a friend for sending)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just The Way You Are

1) Reminder: blog comments with your referral links DO NOT get published. If you would like me to 'review' something, please send an email.

2) When starting a program "thread" in a Forum, check how others have done it first. Stating a couple of words (join here) and a Link does not give anyone information about the program. If you expect new sign-ups, take your time and think about what you're posting. The more you write about the program and your personal experience with it, the better. Make it interesting so that others will want to know more and perhaps get involved.

3) Sounds like somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed today huh? LOL

--- JBP-JSS: well I dunno. Site is being worked on little by little. Nothing available that WE can "work on" yet. So more waiting.
Update: Banners are finally available if anyone needs them.

--- CWC: No PSS cycling for me today, but that's OK. No word on the next Tornado yet either. But don't forget, "Something is Coming". Next ...

--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: Up to member 976 as I write this. Don't forget there's a Bonus for Member # 1000. Also, Ivan's posted another way for you to earn a few extra AdUnits in the cycler. I don't see the note in the blog yet so I'm going to grab it from one of the forums:
In meantime, I am giving up to 5 free matching positions for the member who can come up with a strategy that I would like the most. It will be also featured on our site and blog.
He's looking for your own personal strategy for making the most out of your earnings. He is not changing the program (thank goodness), but would like to hear how others are planning their future at Bi-24.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Money Machine

--- Caught about 5 minutes of the JBP-JSS conference call this morning. Just long enough to hear Carl say ... 'hopefully JSS will be up and running tomorrow and then 'the money machine', Triper will be up in a couple more days'.
What else can we do? Wait a little longer :/
PS, Carl Pearson is the only person I listen to on those conference calls. There is a lot going on that even he can't answer, and he's one of the top dogs. So if you hear a lot of speculation from others, don't let it excite nor disturb you. Only time will tell the real outcome when we return in full force.

--- Bi-24: today is one of our 3 weekly re-purchase days and I just re-purchased 5 more AdUnits. Also requested a cash out which I'm sure will arrive shortly. (Update: PAID)
Thanks Ivan! and here's some cool news:
Dear blondie,
Soon we will reach 1000 people in memberships. We have managed to accomplish this thanks to all the promotional efforts of everyone.
To celebrate the 1000th member of, we are giving up to 10 free matching positions to his/her account.

This means that if the 1000th member purchases for example 5 positions he/she will receive 5 positions for free and therefore if he/she purchases for example 10, he/she will receive 10 for free.
Thank you for all the hard work in spreading the word about
Best Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

We're at 965 Members as of right now!!

--- GBC - Grand Bank Club: yesterday being Sunday I received my weekly profit share from Gord, who should be back to work this week. I know I've been missing his daily newsletters, that's for sure.

--- CWC: cycled a few PSS spots last night ending in position no. 13551. So if you're keeping track... there you have it.
To new members joining: Don't expect to receive earnings daily in the cycling. That's not how it works. DO expect a new "Residual Income" program to be announced in the next week or two that I personally feel am going to enjoy.
If you're not already a member, you can sign-up for Free and wait for the updates on that (or watch here for my blog posts). Then if it turns out not to be your "cup of tea", just delete your account. No hassles.

--- I-T Forum: don't forget to check out the new money making forum. I know there's not many members there yet but it's growing nicely, and Kev has a couple of contests running already where you can win a cash prize.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just the Facts Ma'am, Just the Facts

--- Don't forget to get Registered at the New Investment-Tracker Forum. It's open for new members and will be one of my main squeezes from now on. Forum's are always fun to see how other people play and think about these programs that we're in. Not to mention getting up-to-date information, since people are online while I am sleeping and 24 hours is a long time in this business.

--- JBP-JSS: Carl mentioned this morning that we could (should) be able to log into JSS sometime tomorrow? Then the Tripler perhaps a day later? Sure hope so. I'm patient as heck, but sort of tired of waiting this out. It's time, ya know? LOL

--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: (I just love saying that, hehe) Doing great. Earning daily. Fast payments. Great Admin. Supportive Members. Member count is at 944, and a Surprise is coming for Member No. 1,000

--- CWC: cycled quite a few spots last night ranging from position numbers 8717 through 11133. Tornado: Clear Skies. Too bad. I'm ready for another Tornado whenever it gets here. Also had a short chat with Larry yesterday about his plans for the new 'residual income' program. I can't share anything yet ... but the more I think about it, the more I like it :)

--- Got a few minutes to kill, so off to ShowBizHits for a little surfing before I go out tonight. 
Have a good weekend! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jessica :) --- & New Forum

Hope you're having a great time today and enjoying your Birthday!!
Catch up with you tomorrow and we'll keep your Birthday going for the weekend!!!
Love You, 
Momapotimus xoxoxo

--- JBP-JSS: I see our referral page and marketing page is available today. Still very anxious for the rest of it to come back to life. But hey, I guess these things take time. ahhhhh
NOTE: If you have NOT been able to receive the email that shows your Member ID, send a support request to:
Hope you're using a gmail account. It works best for these types of programs.
**Just copied this from a member post in a forum and thought I would share:
"Was just in the web conference meeting and according to Carl Pearson, Monday is the day that we have all been waiting for. The JBP site should be making us money once again smile.gifNOW..that being said, Carl has been very poor at giving accurate dates for completing projects on time... sooooo lets just hope for once he is correct...... Wouldnt it be nice if he had things up and running early... Now THAT! would be a boost for the ol' JBP program."

--- Bi-24: up to 932 members which gets me to thinkin that maybe we should have some kind of Celebration or Prize for our 1,000 nth member. What do you think it should be?

--- CWC: just received a payment from Larry which I didn't expect until tomorrow. Thank You to all involved :)

--- Been trying to feed the Blue Jays but the neighbors Cat keeps hiding under the bush then charging out after them when they land. Dang cat!

--- GlobalSurfPro: Kent just mentioned in a forum that he's got something up his sleeve for a new "baby". Here's what he said: Teaser....
I just started setting to life my Baby 2.
Been thinking for this for a loooong time and i think its time to get some more fun back.
Will update you later when its more specific.
OK, I'll keep my eyes open for that.

--- Speaking of Forums ...

Here is the brand new Money Making Discussion Board Forum that I've been hinting around at. Was supposed to open tomorrow but Kev says tonight will be the night!
Now you may recognize the name "Investment-Tracker" from a popular Monitor site that he ran. Also you may recognize the name "alzander" if you're a forum regular (like I am).
In any case, he gave me the OK to post the link and invite my friends.
So there you have it. Get signed up (Register Link is at the top next to home page), fill out your profile, read the Welcome and the forum rules and you're off and running. YaY!

PS, he's already put something in the "Contests and Freebies" board. Win $5 bucks for guessing the number of members to the forum on October something. Well, go read it if you're interested.
I don't remember the exact date now, LOL


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not Much New To Report Today

--- JBP-JSS: hope you were able to get logged in OK using your new Member ID that they assigned to each of us. Nothing new since then to report. The next order of business is getting the "Referrals", "Marketing" and "JSS" links active. So we wait.
-- If you did NOT get your ID yet, go here
and click on where it says: NEW! What is My Member ID?
Then enter the email you used in your JBP registration.
Mine came immediately. Hope yours does too.

--- Bi-24: 2% daily continues rolling in every day as anticipated, and I know you all are enjoying it :) 

--- CWC: cycled a few PSS spots this morning ending in # 5069, and another player reported her cycles ending in # 6438. So if you're keeping a watchful eye looking for your own to happen, there ya go.

--- I posted about this late last night so wasn't sure if you caught it or not. There is a Cool New Forum coming to town run by an Admin that we all know and love. It's scheduled to Open on Sept 10th so of course I'll show it to you then and add the banner to my side bar. You're gonna like the way it looks. It has this warm Welcome feeling to it. Soothing in a way.
Plus am sure the Admin will keep the pesky posters out too. Some of those nut cases sure try to ruin your day. But being as old as I am, I can pretty much handle all the sticks and stones that the kids like to throw at others. So for me, it's in one ear and out the other...but that's just me.

--- Prayers to my good friend Gord and his family after a recent loss of a loved one. He's been keeping up with things here but I know it must be hard to focus when there is such grief to deal with. Thinking about you Gord, we miss you dearly.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Step By Step

--- JBP-JSS: Progress! YaY!

We're moving forward with step 1 on:

If you access
and you click "Existing members log in here," you're taken to the new server. You'll see what you need to do to get your ID# to log in.

Then you can log into your account.
You can update your profile. Some important security features have been added regarding changing your email
address and AlertPay address

- So today (so far) all you can do is get your Member ID# then login and update your profile. I tried clicking on the other tabs (just for grins) but nothing else is active yet. We're gettin there!
-- Will Beaver (also a blogger) just updated that he was in the JBP conference room and Ann mentioned that Carl is starting to work on Step 2.
2. Members can fund JSS accounts --
probably just one day after step one
is completed. As part of this step,
we expect to pay valid withdrawals
already submitted but not yet paid.

I don't know about you, but I'm just anxious to see my Member Area to get a handle on how this re-start effected my own account. Ya know?

--- CWC: new blog post there today about the last Tornado results and the new upcoming Residual Income plan. I'm really interested to see what Larry has come up with for this. Go log in and read the update so we're on the same page. I'd post it here, but it's a nice long one.

---  Bi-24: over 900 members as I write this. Growing at a nice steady pace with all the active members earning 2% daily this entire time. Right on :)

--- I was just outside in the rain, in my hoodie, spraying some Revive on the lawn. This hot summer beat it up pretty good and our Colorado soil is like clay. So figured the grass might like a cool energizing drink.


Before I forget or it gets too late ... That new Forum I mentioned the other day is set to OPEN on Sept 10th. It's gonna be fun, guaranteed! 
Night Night :) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Something is Coming

--- JBP-JSS: still waiting for more news from Fred or Carl about our progress with all the moves and reorganizing and new sign up info etc etc. (sigh)

--- Bi-24 is doing fabulous! Today will be my 37th day of 2% earnings on the first AdUnits I purchased on opening day. Member count is at 886. Payouts are fast and tomorrow is one of the 3 weekly re-purchase days. Word from Admin is we're doing Great!

--- CWC: logged in this afternoon and realized that my non-matured Tornado profit shares (which was all of them, lol) have been moved to the Main cycler and they cycled today. Also noticed a new banner for the upcoming "Residual Income" program that Larry is working on now. Could take a couple of weeks to complete all the coding and stuff, but I think we'll have some news about it before then.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

The Waiting Game Continues ...
--- JBP/JSS - New Server Update!
"Welcome to all our new members!
We're now much closer to completing step 1 on the Move and Restart Page:

And the next steps are projected to be completed much faster - the move to the new, off-shore servers was a little more complex than we had thought.

If you access
you're taken to the new JustBeenPaid Member Area (subject to DNS propagation).

You'll soon be able to log into your account, and I'll be sure to let you know when that becomes possible.

Also, we had almost 400 people sign up for JustBeenPaid during the last 18 hours, so thank you everyone for telling others about what we are doing and how it can change their financial life for the better!

Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann"

OK so we're still waiting for that magical Member ID in our email boxes. Sure will be nice when it finally arrives :)

--- Some pictures just knock my socks off.
Thanks for sending this one James H :)