Saturday, July 7, 2012

7-7-07 - 5 Years Already?

Happy 5th Anniversary Dave n Jess :)

Five years ago today we were in Las Vegas to celebrate while these two tied the knot.
Today, those two are now three, plus their 2 doggies, a beautiful home in the burbs and still very much in love.
Also today they are in California visiting Jess's family and will be back on Sunday which is also Olivia's 2 Yr Birthday.
(yes this pic is at least a year old)
Happy Anniversary you two!
Love You Lots and see you soon!!

JBP-JSS-Tripler: there's a new script being installed so that all Tripler earnings can be done daily. The old script could not handle the volume. No set time frame for completion though. Few more days maybe?
- "Viral Profit List" is coming soon.
- "Traffic Exchange" is in your member area now.
OK, tried to listen to the call today but the Speaker was getting on my nerves, LOL Way too much fooling around rather than getting down to business, updates, then Q&A after that. Maybe some other time I'll catch up.
But I think I heard what I needed to hear about the new script.
Am I worried about it? Nope. Not in the least :)

WhirlWind: this was posted an hour ago, approx 1:30 EDT.
I'll be back with my own stats later on.
Latest Known Grid Purchases and Cycles
Latest Known Grid 1 Purchase - 100362121
Latest Known Grid 1 Cycle - 100084014
Latest Known Grid 2 Cycle - 200020537
Latest Known Grid 3 Cycle - 300005060
Latest Known Grid 4 Cycle - 400001187
Latest Known Grid 5 Cycle - 500000313

- OK back. Just checked my account and I'm -$2 in the last 24 hours with regards to paying the subs vs. cycling. So no cycling again for me today :(
* Remember, play at your own risk and be prepared for a wait time if you join now. Also be careful buying sub's. Each $1 sub you commit to is deducted from your account balance daily. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

SafeRisk: just checked in. Looks good.

GoldenPath: will report on it later.
I like to check the same time every day, remember?
- NO cycling for me today. But of course I automatically bought a new Level 1 sub like I always do.
* Even though the Admins are still saying "fund new accounts with $60 per sub" ... I don't think that would be enough at this point. Not at the rate it's currently going. We'll see.

GBC: received my weekend profit share already.
Thanks Admin. just did my surfing and got notice that a couple more of my tokens have expired. Might wait till next week to analyze what's left and what I should do next before paying my monthly fee again.

--- Hey it finally rained last night. YaY!
Must have rained quite a bit too since my trash can was full of water this morning. But no thunder or lightning woke me up. Sure was nice sleeping with the window open but not needing the fan.

Here's a cool bird named Einstein.
I know some people who aren't that smart. Har!

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