Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

to all my Canadian friends and colleagues out there, (and I have a lot of you around). (smile)

Want to wish you a Happy Canada Day and a nice enjoyable long weekend.

Cheers Eh !!!

Here's my Birthday Cake from yesterday. Even got a hug from Chuck E Cheese himself.

Sort of glad that's over.
Seems I have way too many birthday's these days.

OK, the new HYIP I've been hinting about is going to offer 3% daily. It should be opening any time this coming week. I will keep you updated of course.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: This was posted in the forum responding to someone about not receiving their 1.5% for recent Tripler earnings:
If you got skipped, its possible that you will have a double payout today or an extra day added on your time of earnings. no matter what, you will ALWAYS earn 150% from each tripler you purchase, (with the exception of course, triplers that will convert early, due to a restart) NO SUPPORT TICKETS ARE NECESSARY!!!!
Update on Support Response Times - 7 Hours Ago
Support's Current Response Timeframe per Department:
12 hours - Distribution
15 days - Funding
48 hours - Marketing
15 days - JSS-Synergy
14 days - JustBeenPaid
12 days - JSS-Tripler
23 days - Withdrawals
49 days - Hacked Accounts
12 hours - Cycling / Matrix
24 hours - HYIP

So as you can see, if you send in a Support Ticket, don't look for a reply any time soon. They sure are backlogged these days.

WhirlWind: should be back on track at approx 10 AM EST tomorrow. I'll wait till then to give you a run down of how things are looking on my end.

Safe Risk: received my 1st deposit back today! YaY! Made a new spend with some of it and trying to decide what to do with the rest. Repurchase or cash out? Don't know yet. It sure has been a nice little program though. Would like to see it quietly continue for a long time :)

Golden Path: oh I dunno what to think. I know we're not supposed to share any account information with the public but good grief, I'm a blogger. How the heck am I supposed to keep my mouth shut?
Anyway, don't think it's back 'full speed' yet so I'll pay more attention to what's going on when I log in tomorrow.

GBC: got my weekend profit share! Thanks Gord. surfed today (and every day) watching my account balance grow again. I did get a payment from them yesterday so just keeping an eye on things now.

That's it for updates I suppose.
Might go do a little surfing at ShowBizHits.
I heard it was Lisa's (one of the owners) Birthday Today.
Happy Birthday Lisa !!!

PS: another Loser besides the two I posted yesterday.
In aDailyCash I now have $3269.90 in my balance and NO WAY to ever withdraw any of it. What a bunch of crap!!!

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