Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JBP Restart Day

Sorry I'm so late today.
Had to go out earlier and needed to check some stuff before I posted.

So the JustBeenPaid Restart Has Happened!
Didn't think my own account was considered "large" but apparently JBP does. I was hit with a 75% reduction of eligible Tripler's, which was the max.
This being my 4th restart, I just shrugged my shoulders and bought more Tripler's today.
Pretty sure the one's I buy now will make it to the end before the next restart. And if they don't... well, then I'll have more JSS Matrices to play with.
So I'm not excited about it, but I'm not crying over it either. If the regular restarts are what is needed to keep things running for a long time... so be it. I'm happy with JBP and I hope you are too.
- Yes daily earnings in the Tripler are still behind.
- Yes it's taking forever and a day to get matrices placed.
- Yes it's difficult trying to get withdraws from them.
But overall it's still a great program in my eyes.

SafeRisk: requested a cash out today since last time I repurchased.

Mint.bz: just did my daily surfing, doesn't take long. And I don't see any changes there either. Still earning my daily % for surfing just like normal.

WhirlWind: not happy with what I've read about WW today. Oh not from the Admins or the promoters, they're always rah rah. I was reading that some members are letting their accounts 'go' because they don't want to keep adding funds while waiting for cycling in Grid's to become 'sustainable'.
Now those members either over committed at the start, or joined later in the game and we all know cycling time is getting slower. So if you were to join now (which I don't suggest), you would need to fund with ummmm, 60-90 days for each $1 daily sub. But what do I know? I just watch numbers and stats :)
PS, since I'm a few dollars ahead, I requested my 'seed money' out today. Will let you know when it's received.

GoldenPath: seems to be doing really well now. Too bad they're still going to ask for our ID's... that I refuse to send them. If they change their mind about that I'll stay in, but NOT if they want my ID. It's just too risky IMO.

Feeling sort of 'out of it' today, and not sure why. Saw a Hummingbird this morning on my patio. Don't think I've ever seen one here before and it got me to thinking 'why am I seeing one today?'
Ah never mind. Just me being weird, lol


Kay said...

My JBP Account is small. They took 75 % of my tripler positions too. Maybe 75 % for every one. My account after restart is almost zero.

blondie said...

Well you're not the only one.
Was just reading a note from a friend about another person's account getting hit hard. Dang :(

I have read about others only being 30 or 50%, but don't know their details to be able to compare.

I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hummingbirds? Not weird...doors open when they need to..only you will know what you see.



Henry said...

Hummingbirds? Not weird...doors open,,only you will know what you see.



blondie said...

I like you Henry,
Thanks :)