Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Record Breaking Heat Continues

June here in Colorado was a record breaking month for heat. Yes I said Month!!! Between the heat and the smoke from all those wild fires burning ... no wonder I feel sick every afternoon. Yesterday we got to 101F again. Today high 90's and still No Rain :(

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was surfing the other day and this site caught my eye. I normally don't like websites that play music or talk but this one is different.
Cute, isn't it?
Last night I received my 1.5% Tripler earnings for Sunday. So yes, they are still behind which is understandable considering the volume there must be.
- Just realized the Tripler's I bought on 4/10 (when Frederick announced the next restart) have just expired. Holy Cow! Time flies when you're having fun eh? Now I need to decide to replace them or not. (psst: decided to replace them)

WhirlWind: waiting for whirl wind to do some whirling. Will be back on that.
- It's afternoon again and I just checked my boards. I'm down another $4 but don't see any cycling since this time yesterday. Not sure what everybody is getting all excited about but maybe it'll take more time for me to see some action. Hangin loose in the interim.

SafeRisk: no drama no issues. Just 2.5% daily for 60 days. July 4th will be my next expiring deposit. Then, when it is returned to my acct balance I can choose to redeposit, cash out, or a little of both.
This one has been running really well, but of course there are never any guarantees, so do be careful with your 'play' money. And I don't just mean in Safe Risk. I mean in all of these programs.

GoldenPath: ... let me go look.
OK, I see their conf call recording is posted from last night. So if you wanna listen to that, you can. I might a little later.
Well, I have $2 more in my account than yesterday. Thinking that they did the cycling before taking out the sub's for the day. So that could be the reason.

GBC: got a little RC there today. Thanks members :)

Oh Shoot! What happened to that new HYIP?
Let me go see what I can find out. Stay Tuned.

- My Kids and Baby O are on a plane right now on their way to California for the week. My daughter in law's family were going to come here, but with all the fires and problems, they decided it wouldn't be such a good idea.
So they all return on the 8th, which is Olivia's birthday. Not sure if we'll celebrate that day or the next weekend. That's OK. Gives me more time to shop for her "Big 2" Party.


Passive Income Earner said...

UWW has raised the cap on grids, now we can have 75 grids... :)

blondie said...

You mean 75 Subscriptions at $1 per day?
Yeah OK.
A little rich for my blood.
Thanks for the news though :)

ld randi said...

Ok, I thought it was just me not understanding all this excitement about the winding matrices :-)
Yes, I suppose it will take more time to see things moving.
I feel your pain with the heat.... here we have just been hit by a heat wave, no fun at all.

blondie said...

Hey randi,
and since I didn't buy 50 or 75 subs like some did, guess I just have to wait my turn.

We're finally going to be down into the 80's in a couple more days. Which is great cause me and the Cats can't take much more of this.

Happy 4th of July!