Sunday, July 15, 2012


Olivia's Big 2 Birthday Party was great! She got some awesome gifts and one BIG BEAR ... that she was deathly afraid of. "Wahhhhhh No bear! No bear!"
But at least she enjoyed Goofy and gave him a big hug.
Just too cute :)

Let's get back to Golden Path for a minute.
Did I just read that they're extending the cut off for funding till Tues night? If that's the case, I can let my account build a little and then PIF a referral (or two) in need who might be running low on funds. To make that clear, I mean a referral who plans to stay in the program and submit their ID's when required.
I did receive my payment (seed money) yesterday so what's left in my account I would prefer to PIF to another member(s).
Send me an email if you've been struggling to keep your account going and plan to ride the waves for as long as it lasts.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: I do love their updates in the member area. Smart way to keep everyone informed: Attention 7/14/2012 4:20 PM EDT
Funding via SolidTrust Pay appears to be working again. Be aware that there is an issue on that causes a logout from their site after submitting a payment ... BE SURE to login again, as this will COMPLETE the transaction.

Payza fundings are working fine right now.

We are working on ensuring that missing fundings for SolidTrust Pay and Payza that occured over the past few days will be registered in the JSS accounts. Further updates on this situation will be posted here.

Substantial growth of our member base has necessitated the ongoing optimization of our JSS-Tripler Daily Earning payout system.

We are currently completing the payout for Friday earnings, and are back on track running Saturday's payouts. Due to high volume, the placing of purchased JSS-Tripler positions is behind over 30 hours at this time, but we are working on an optimization that will speed this up substantially.

Rest assured that every JSS-Tripler position will always pay out the full 150%. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Also, my own account has been credited 2% for Friday the 13th in Tripler. Right on.

WhirlWind: I like the new stats page. Will make it easier to figure it all out. I'll check again at 3 pm my time for today's numbers.
** Well, so far I've spent $34 and earned $34 in grid cycling.
Nothing to write home about but maybe soon?

Was kind of surprised ... 
just checked my Alert List email and there were ONLY 36 spams in there.
Guess people are finally figuring out that they will never get a response from me there or here when they send spam.
Thanks to all who have asked to be added.
Should be sending out something soon.


Anonymous said...

Just had to pop in a minute and say your grand-daughter is just too adorable! You must be so proud of her, and rightly so! Happy for you Judy. Mine turned 8 today!!! Another thing we share! Almost same b-days! lol


blondie said...

Hi Tree,
Well O's birthday was the 8th but they were out of town so planned another party for a week later.
Yeah she's a cutie and I am proud of her. So smart too.

Yours is 8 already?
You must have started very young, lol

Thanks for stopping by.
Always nice to chat with you.

stros said...

Ad2million is back!

blondie said...

It's been like that for quite a while now but ... who cares?