Friday, July 20, 2012

JBP, Payza and Egopay

People sure seem confused about the Payza / Egopay thing.
Think of Payza from now on as an Exchanger or as the 'middleman'.
It will be Egopay that we will actually use to 'play' in our favorite programs. So here's an example:
- I send money to (or have money in) Payza.
- I want to put it into JustBeenPaid.
- So I send the money from Payza to Egopay.
- Then I fund my JBP account with Egopay funds.
- When I'm ready to withdraw...
- I send the money from JBP back to Egopay.
- And from Egopay back to Payza.
- Then from Payza back to my bank account.
Now of course all the above doesn't apply if you're using STP or LR or PM. But so many people use Payza that I thought I needed to say something.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: thanks Patrick for posting this in the forum:

We can now add our EgoPay account info to our JBP profile: 
Profile --> Manage your payment processors --> Add your EgoPay E-mail address --> Confirm your change in your E-mail you get from JBP.

DO NOT WITHDRAW TO EGOPAY YET! We can still use Payza for withdrawals

Yesterday I managed to get a Payza withdrawal request in and it was already paid today.
I'm going to sit back for the next day or two and see how this all pans out. Of course I'll keep you updated as soon as I hear anything.

-- I'm going to "go through the motions" tomorrow for sending money to Egopay via Payza. Will post step-by-step instructions for those who need it.

-- I'll catch up on the rest of the stuff tomorrow too.
It's just too freaking hot in here to do anything!

Thoughts and Prayers go to the Victims and their Families of that horrible shooting at the movie theater here in Aurora, Colorado early this morning.
You know, that's across town from me but only by 21 miles or so.
It's very sad and disturbing that you can't even go out to watch a movie without looking over your shoulder.


Musicat said...

What is the best time to withdraw in JJS now? I have not managed to withdraw anything for a week now and tried different time... thanks

blondie said...

I know it's frustrating but I don't think that there is any "set time" when they are available.

You could watch the MMG forum as people DO announce when they're Open
Keep the JBP Conf Chat on your screen (with or without sound) and they also announce when things are Open.

Wish I had a magic answer for you, but I don't. I just got lucky yesterday and did get my info from the forum.

Jhonwayne Pumaras said...

Thanks for the advice, but how can I transfer my money from payza to egopay so that I can fund it to my jss account? Thanks for any help...

blondie said...

Tell you what,
I'll go do it and then write down the process in my blog.
Maybe not tonight, but tomorrow for sure. OK?

tony said...

hi blondie, this whole JBP withdrawal problem is a bit of a fiasco in my opinion, you shouldnt have to rely on good timing as to when you can make a withdrawal of your own money, growth problems or not you cant operate like this forever and a day. I do hear they are going to look at improving the situation, but when is it going to happen .... just having a whinge doctor blondie, thanks for listening,
have a ripper day tony

blondie said...

Yeah I know Tony :(
I got lucky yesterday while listening to the conf chat and also another member posting in a forum when AP and/or STP were available.
But you're right, it can't go on like this. There are a lot of frustrated members right now.
I do hope they find some way to get it a little more organized than it is now, but time will tell. I'm sure Frederick is hearing this and listening. At least I hope so.

Joshua Lindsey said...

I saw that on the news and you are right it is scary to even think about the movie theater as a family night now. Sorry about all the family members losses.

blondie said...

Thank you Joshua,
on behalf of all the families who are and will be hurting for a long time.